The Volcano Bracelet Bay Will Have New Features

Is approaching the day of the inauguration of the new water park at Universal, the Volcano Bay, we’ve been talking here in the VPD and opens to the public on the day 25 may 2017.

We also already on the TapuTapu, interactive bracelet that will be provided to all visitors to the Park to use the day for there, including serving to give access to attractions via an electronic system of virtual queue, with which you enter in the queue and receive a warning when it’s your time to go play.

The news now is that the bracelet will also serve to enhance the overall experience at the Park, offering the following features:

  • Taptu Pay:payment of purchases in shops and restaurants with the bracelet itself, in the style of how it already works with the Magic Band of Disney. The difference here is that all visitors to create an account and sign up a credit card can make use of this function, and not only guests of the complex (which is the case of Disney, only guests of the hotels within the complex can use the Magic Band for payments).
  • Taptu Snap: the bracelet will record pictures taken in the Park and some attractions of the Volcano Bay to connect automatically with the account of My Universal Photos, digital photo system of parks-in the style of the Disney Photopass/Memory Maker.
  • Cabinets: the bracelet will also serve to open the cabinets in the Park located, avoiding the use of keys and facilitating the experience of visitors. This Disney still owes for us, right? It would be a great facility for those visiting the Disney water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

To use Taptu Pay and pay with a registered card, you need to create an account on Universal’s website or by Universal application. Should you decide not to use this function, do not need to create the account to use the rest of the features.

Nice news, huh? I can’t wait to meet the Volcano Bay, and you, what do you think of these features?