The Sympathetic Story of Moto G5 American Plus Is Swallowing SIM Cards

Lenovo has known how to play their cards well with the arrival of the new G5 Moto and Moto G5 Plus. The first has been placed in the shops at a very reasonable price, and we can go to physical sites to try and carry it in your pocket. The second has appeared on Amazon, to exclusive mode, as we shall see whether temporary or permanent, and immediately starting sale.

Such sales would be run calmly if not because random wanted that Lenovo will commit an error with the packaging of its terminal, a bug that is causing some headaches quite funny heads. Fun for us, of course, as not we are experiencing them. Apparently, the G5 Plus bike is swallowing some SIM cards by the way, but the blame does not phone but from your Inbox.

The monster “tragasims”

When users reported that the phone is swallowing some SIM cards we cannot avoid thinking about the endearing Triki, our favorite cookie monster, a monster in the pay of Lenovo to eat operators cards as if there were no tomorrow. The reality is that the problem is the card tray and responsibility, part of it, is the own Lenovo.

Apparently, the phone that sold includes dual tray that both Lenovo and other manufacturers have mounted on terminals unibody. If not remove the case for place card, automatic recourse is the tray on one side. All this would be correct if not because the Dual SIM device instructions have been included in phones that have a space for the SIM and another for the microSD.

Some users, in an effort to Titanic to achieve that the SIM card enters the hollow microSD-enabled, they are getting phone to retain the card inside left it stuck. Hilarious, sure, but not so much for those users who see how their second SIM can not leave the phone in any way. The solution? You are skilled and have the tools or they go directly to the service.

For now this is only happening in the United States, one of the sites where motorbike G5 Plus is distributed in its version for a single SIM, or at least is the place that arrive by reports of these mysterious phones of Lenovo whose only intention is the swallow our SIM card. Yes, Lenovo has some of the blame to include the instructions wrong but, do it remains unclear on the first try a SIM does not fit in the space of a microSD? It seems that unseen protests.