The Streetstyle: Bomber’s Turn!

Do you know what Coolhunting? This term, which arose in the years 90, means basically: people watching (manias, choices, attitudes) to then define and/or understand new trends. And during the international fashion weeks , we assume this role of coolhunter and assimilates what’s reign among the fashionistas.

The first trend that we noticed during the Paris Fashion Week was hair stuck basically Coke with low, broken in half. See here and know more from 800ZIPCODES.

And when it comes to clothes, we realized a piece that promises to be Joker and add visual style in the Act: the bomber jacket! The most interesting is that, after seeing a lot of people on the streets of Paris wearing this piece, we arrived in Minas Trend and we came across this confirmation of trend: several Brazilian brands created their bomber models for next winter. View video of Minas Trend trends.

But, Why invest in bomber? The jacket is modern and aggregates information sets the visual. She follows a master trend, which is to bring themood for sporty looks casual, but without being literal. After all, even the shape of a Letterman’s jacket, the bombers appear repaginadas, with applications, embroidery and even noble tissues.

Besides leaving the visual more interesting, they also are versatile: for a funkier production, worth using with short jeans. A casual proposal is perfect with jeans + white shirt (inspired on the fashionista who wore this look with embroidered red bomber). And for a more elaborate, perfect for night, bet on bomber of sequins (see oriental stylish – below).

And there’s more: bombers also combine with shoes, boots and slippers. It all depends on your mood and your proposal!

Besides the looks we admire during Paris Fashion Week, also found many inspiring productions in instagram. And they all confirm our assertion: the bomber is very versatile! Valley use with jeans destroyed, midi skirt or pencil skirt. The result is always very interesting.

Good news|As we talked, the bomber will be next winter’s jacket. But, if you’re anxious and you don’t want to wait until 2017 to use the piece, we have great news: on Fab. have you will find several options of bombers. There, the pieces come in lighter fabrics and patterns. Some bring a mix of light colors, others won silks and embroidered with amusing phrases. IE: perfect piece to finish off the look with a cool modern touch.

During the Paris Fashion Week, our Publisher Banpresto P used two different bombers of “Fab.”. The black with pale pink was coupled with the lace and resulted in a visual. This other thing, black with sleeves emblazoned in P & B, was the right finish for a production that played with the mix of patterns.

And the Publisher Ludmilla Rangel also used a bomber of the “Fab.”. With floral print, the play brought a cheerful touch to produce all jeans.

remember that there are four shops in Fab. in Belo Horizonte – DiamondMall, Savassi, Boulevard Mall and Shopping count. Visit the storenearest you and parade around even more charming with your bomber!