The Slippers with Glitter for Carnival

You know what to wear on Halloween? And with what shoe will Samba? Separated here some tips of slippers with glitter for Carnival. In fact, the Carnival is coming and it’s time to think about costumes for a party full of color, one of the key points for the festivity is enjoyed best as is the comfort, especially in the feet, after all, for at least four days you will be about them jumping, dancing and doing all kinds of mischief. To make the look even more beautiful, how about a comfortable shoe with glitter?

Slippers with glitter for Carnival

As the date asks a lot of joy in the production, mixing warm colors with sparkles and cool accessories, slippers with glitter for Carnival together, literally, the business with pleasure. That’s because your feet will be pretty comfortable for the revelry, which usually lasts many uninterrupted hours. Another plus point of this item is the economy, because you can take advantage of that sneaker that is no longer so young, and drop the imagination with very bright.

Here comes the paet

The paet is “invited” to participate in this production full of personality, as well as be in high summer and autumn-winter is approaching, it is very good at that sort of look. Like the idea? Then you can begin to tear the closet in search of a sneaker, but comfortable for the samba and fun are your only concern in this Carnival.

See below for tips to customize the look of your feet

1-separate the materials we will use: Before you start to transform your shoes into something different get everything you will use: shoes (smooth texture, so that the glitter and paet will look better placed); a medium brush, a transparent varnish; pendants and crystals to your taste (if deemed necessary), glitter and paet in the color of your preference; and a spray paint in the color that you want.

2-Protect the inside of the footwear: Put inside the shoes a paper to protect it from the spray paint. Take paper, loved cookie, shaped and fit the inner side of the shoe. Another caution that must be taken is in relation to where the item painting procedure happens. The ideal is for a newspaper under the shoes and have a damp cloth around, in case of splash some material outside the reserved area to make the customization.

In practice

3-let’s get to it: Now is to start the application of spray across footwear to fill it completely. So that the color is uniform pass the product in two layers. While the paint dries let separated the glitter and varnish (transparent). Mix the brightness with the varnish in a container, but gradually, so that the paint does not dry.

Using a brush, rinse the mixture across the surface of the shoe. Then, separate the pendants and crystals, and if you’re going to use, paet, and with the brush, apply clear varnish on the Crystal and paste it in the shoe. Finally, let the shoes in an airy environment for it to dry for about 48 hours. After your sneaker can be used to compose your Carnival production.