The Sky Technologies Laser

Do not spend the adult state to the idiot child in state 1.2 nanosecond

Okay, first of all, you must know that this laser is a tool and not a toy.Whoever let a child play with it or use to impress a friend or to target cars or airplanes is a moron and may be punishable by law. If you own or that you decide to buy a powerful tool as laser 445nm 1000mW blue by  SKY Technologies , do not fool with. A powerful laser can fire to combustible materials and direct exposure can seriously injure the human eye in less than a second.

Well, now we talked about it …

This lightsaber, uh … this laser is charming
to confirm the obvious, crush any ambiguity and to oppose the possible opponents, we must say that this laser is awesome worse and better almost unbelievable. The company  SKY Technologies’ based in Hong Kong designed a nomadic 1000mW blue laser that will leave surprised and impressed neophytes, and even for the experts, it is fascinating.

The good thing is. As consumers, we are rather blasé nowadays. Few products get to surprise us or really impress us. Although it has its undeniable advantages, the solid gain due to the global standardization and virtually Instant communications around the world we enjoy a certain cost in wonder and surprise.

But not in this case. No no no. Not with a blue laser 1000mW. Here the beast:

The device comes in a good quality synthetic leather case. Generally, the batteries do not travel internationally and are not included ( 16340 3.7V or CR123A here in Japan ), but fortunately, the charger is. Here the manufacturer’s anatomy * and yes, we know exactly what it looks like ( it looks for Kenobi)

Our test unit had no remote control jack, which does not matter because we do not have a remote control for laser )

We must respect the fact that this device is equipped with a key locking system, and you can understand further from Microedu.Net. If something has a lock is that it’s serious. It is good to know that the key can be kept in a secure location away from a child or a fool. In addition, this laser is equipped with a mechanism to expand or blur radius, to illuminate a wider area ( see photos below and the  gallery ).

Well, what can he do?

(Some) specifications and performance:
We will not go into technical details and address customer issues a lambda would not look anyway. Search on Wikipedia, and we will focus on what it can do.

To be precise, however, we tested a device  1000mW (1W) nomad with a 445nm diode laser ( wavelength = 445 nm ). Laser diodes of this kind of devices are manufactured in Japan by  Nichia and Germany by  Osram . The device itself is called “blue laser” because with a wavelength of 445 nm, this is the blue / purple color that our eyes perceive. Now you know that “Blu-ray” is more than just good marketing term!

If you look directly into the beam of a blue laser, you might never see radius – of any color – of your life.

But you can watch the blue light of our photos. Our contributor Nayalan visited the Shibuya park to test the extended control “flashlight” and has also made beautiful long exposure shots of the drag of the laser. The consistent intensity of the laser offers some artistic potential but as a flashlight, it’s hard to see another use for this device in an emergency. It’s impressive to see a laser beam scrambled to get a very wide range ( you can watch without too much danger ) but we do not like emmènerions single flashlight for a night walk.

Then, it was a little too fun
It’s not for lack of ideas but for security reasons we have not done anything burn. We are not stupid enough to travel the Tokyo metropolitan area by lighting small fires lasers everywhere. If you have cravings for pyromania, SKY Technologies shows some examples of environmental fire controlled on their  YouTube channel .

Even without fire, we enjoyed ourselves to illuminate our drinks and our food, and we discovered that the study of different refractions according beverages was a fun pseudoscience. Please note that these high-tech experiments took place in a safe environment and that it is very fun, AkihabaraNews not recommended targeting beer, glasses or safety goggles with a powerful blue laser:

It’s good fun, but what’s the real benefit of this laser?
Well, even if we can use full of superlatives to define this brilliant tool, there is some truth in this phrase of our contributor, photographer and videographer Nayalan Moodley:

“I have absolutely no idea what I could do, but I want one.”

To which the other three members of the Tokyo community responded:

“I want some. Really. A.”

Now to be honest, all our joy to test this unit, we said that to laugh … mostly. But the idea is there, and apart from being a thing awesome and a little scary, it is not clear right now what is this tool. But we have some ideas:

  • For indutrielles or artistic applications,we can easily see its usefulness in factories, on construction sites, ports, mills, landfills or all major areas where we may want to designate a particular object away without having to say the famous ” No, left. No, the other left. Yes, a little green stuff. No, more blue-green … ” .

Or, from an artistic point of view, to the photographer, a bit like the long exposure shots of Nayalan, or at a concert for the lighting to create unique visual effects.

And all these effects can be successful even at long distances and in bright surroundings:

We were quite surprised by keeping the same distance laser in a charged atmosphere. Undoubtedly, this type of laser could be useful to any observation or coordination team even away from the workplace. In addition to the applications we have mentioned below, we also thought about the large building sites, minages operations, etc … even when the weather is not forgiving.

  • Educational use:children must learn what this kind of device in the real world, when handling. We laser technology for granted because it is all around us: in CD and DVD players, in computers, in audio players, in meters, in surgical devices, in bar code readers, etc. … And the more we discover ever new uses for the laser. We discovered how to explode missiles with lasers, how to communicate wirelessly with lasers, how to transmit wireless energy with lasers, how tiny projectors with lasers … and so on. We and youth should understand and know what technology we use.
  • scientific use:hey scientists you need a super-powerful light source, and a little scary amplified through stimulated emission of radiation?Of course yes, science loves lasers! And as long as we are …
  • The laser research could induce an energy revolution:okay, maybe not this laser in particular, but the lasers as tools lead us to a larger enchiladas: energy through fusion. Approximately 56km east of the Bay of San Francisco, researchers from  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  using the most powerful laser ever developed to try to generate a self-fusion reaction. If successful, this research-based laser could lead to an almost inexhaustible source of energy and relatively clean for all humanity. Seriously. Because you know the big nuclear giant ball in the sky that burns for several billion years? Yes, the merger.

The fact is that a tool like the lightsaber, oops, we mean the laser SKY Technologies has many useful day-to-day and potential as a teaching / learning tool. Who knows, maybe a teenager genius could achieve a fusion to a fair in science or something. Okay, probably not but hey, you see the thing.

Compared to other lasers
You sense there should be a kind of weapon carry permit to compare realistically this tool with anything else. Of course, SKY Technologies and their competitors offer other bigger and more powerful lasers ready for use, but since then the price exceeds $ 500 to reach $ 1,500 for the most powerful green laser, the average consumer is interested more quickly. That said, the lasers are like HD TVs, 4K and 8K: from a certain point, the difference does not interest the high-flying professionals.

We will still compare the 1000mW blue laser with something that people usually see: the standard red laser, which operates at a higher wavelength, which is much less powerful. You know, the kind of laser you use in class or meeting to make a presentation, or to alienate the animals.

From the large to the small, professional / industrial use for domestic use, there is no comparison and the two are not interchangeable. This is in no way a good idea to use this 1000mW blue laser in a closed room for even thinking about matt surfaces is dangerous. Conversely, for example, small to large, it is impossible to beat the blue laser. Nothing that is not available in an office supply store could replace the industrial utility, art or science of this unit.

Yes, it’s a little scroll that is to say this, but a powerful laser belongs only its own category. We will have to talk with  SKY Technologies but to compare well, we will probably need to try one of their very powerful and visible green laser even further.

You can not really grasp the power of this tool before you really have it in your hands. For them who know that feeling, it’s like a gun: when you have it in hand, you automatically go into safety mode and you respect what surrounds you, you are super careful what you do and the crowd, and you actively internalize the power and responsibility to the port of such a tool.

And the positive side of having such power is the satisfaction obtained when you find it truly useful, whether for work, for creative use for Science ( FUSION! ) Or for fun responsibly.

Latest word:
If you want to see what Sky Technologies has to offer, go here . In our experience, they are very reactive, detail-oriented and helpful, and we can easily recommend them as comprehensive and reliable laser dealer. They also offer tripod systems, and as you can see the guy with a great level of technodorkitude, safety glasses of impressive quality.

Photos : Nayalan Moodley –; Reno J. Tibke; SKY Technologies

* Please note that SKY Technologies, Inc. does not manufacture laser diodes themselves. The diodes are manufactured independently here in Asia and then paired with SKY owners circuit during a phase of production in their factories.

The product used for this test is the most powerful blue laser  SKY Technologies’: the  laser 445nm 1000mW blue , which costs $ 159.99. It is powered by two batteries 16340 3.7V (CR123A here in Japan). SKY Technologies book around the wave as long as the country allows lasers. You can  read the  user manual with safety precautions SKY Technologies (PDF), and if you want to see what looks like a fire started in the laser, go to their  YouTube channel . Thank you to Will’s  SKY Technologies, Inc.  for allowing AkihabaraNews to test this unit.