The Pregnant

Everyone knows it, you are always asked at family parties or from friends with children “And, how do you look at it? Is something planned? “And our answer was rather flappy” In two years;”. Yes, we have been giving this answer two years ago We have always felt it is not the right time. We had never defined the “right time”. Is there a right time?

We are a couple for 6 years and live together for about 5.5 years together in an apartment.

We both have a safe working place

We have a third room (currently study, not optimal, but sufficient for the beginning)

Nevertheless there were also many doubts.

Are we too young? 24 and 27.

How will our environment react?

Can we afford a child?

Are we good parents?

How will my employer react? you can do on ALLCITYCODES. Can I also carry out my position as a recruiter after part-time parental leave?

In the meantime, we have made a lot of thoughts and have come to the conclusion that, apart from point 1 of the list of doubts, all fears would persist at any time.

We love each other and we want to start a family.

We are looking forward to our next generation!

We decided to take the pill around New Year’s Eve, after 8 years, but honestly, it would take a few months or even a year until I get pregnant. Wrongly thought.

At the end of January I celebrated my 24th birthday. Alex surprised me with a ski trip to “our” ski resort. Here I learned when I was three years of skiing and Alex I took it there 6 years ago. Since then, we went there every year. Mostly in December, because there is such a beautiful, romantic mountain advent. This year we did not come and the snow was also waiting.

I was looking forward to the weekend and the second surprise for my birthday was a great wellness hotel right on the mountain! Beautiful!
A week later, I invited the family to our home to celebrate my birthday with you. The night before I told Alex I’d like to do a pregnancy test just to be safe before I drink alcohol. I am 95% sure, but would like to get the 100 full. Alex was not as sure as I was and agreed. We went off the same evening and did the test on Sunday in the morning.


Directly the first feelings of happiness came, but also first fears. Do we really do that?Alex took me in his arms and calmed me. He took my fear at once. However, only for a short time. Thank God, he reassured me over and over again.

We tried to determine the date of birth…hm…difficult.

The rest of the Sunday we were both very mixed. We tried not to let the family know.

Since I am a beer drinker and everyone suspected immediately, we bought alcohol-free beer. No one noticed the fraud.

On Monday I drove straight back to the pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test with weeks. 2 – 3 weeks pregnant. WOW.

Of course, I immediately wanted to make an appointment with the female doctor to see the baby on the ultrasound. The consultation help me, however, informed me that you could see it only from the 6th week. She told me I should go to as a food supporter Femibion ​​1. I bought the tablets the same day. The first appointment for ultrasound I have on 24.02.

We are anxious to see our little miracle and look forward to a future of the three!