The Power of the Third Piece

That title sounds like something supernatural and almost is, people. A third piece makes miracle.

During pregnancy and in life, there are those days that we think our wardrobe all used up.

Nothing else combines with each other, something that marks too much, others that are too wide and have the clothes that we simply don’t like. And never use (who hasn’t?).

It is often the our creativity that’s limited. We’ve tried gazillions of compositions with the same piece and we always that look I’ve ever worked and we have used.

But there is one trick that has the power to change everything. Will compose the visu and leave the looks much more interesting: the use of the third piece!

What do you mean third piece?

Everyone has in the closet a coat, that Jean jacket or cardigan and even a coletão (LOVE), isn’t it?

If not, it is worth investing, because they will make an incredible difference in the look and your silhouette (especially during pregnancy) according to Mbakecheng.

The power of this third part is letting that base look with more personality.

A camisetão dress in all black production is perfect for beginning to dare and to experience a blazer, a maxi vest or a bandanna.

Mari wears: Dress Teddy Camisetão now I’m a Mom!
Let the elongated silhouette, ensuring the comfort and the look is stylish and with a lot of personality.

The maxi vests, give that tidy and modern we want without work.

The basic parts are the starting point, then one starts to invest in a piece here and there, the business starts up and seems that multiplies the clothes! Magic type. Take a look at ourBasic clothes for pregnant woman and start daring combinations, creating your style.
This is definitely the Tip more revolutionary for the gravidinhas.
Looks like doctrine (hahaha), but this third piece and helps save your wardrobe part during this period, smooths curves and designs the belly forward (I swear).
The Blazers, for example, are timeless and should always be in everyone’s wardrobe.
You look beautiful in that dress, with shorts, pants, saia…as possibilities are almost endless and adaptable to your style.
Jú dresses: breastfeeding dress Lauren of I’m a mother now.

In addition to chiquérrimos, neama?
The pinnacle of sport wear footprint is there, and with all the street style!
Super high, worth playing over a bomber jacket, which are fever since last season.
Victoria dress up: Dress Kojo of I’m a mother now.
You can find many types of different jeans. Washes, patches, models with texture and you can also customize your if more in, I love! haha.
And they make the look seem more stripped and modern. You’re going to find the pregnant cool of the piece, hehe!
In addition to personality in their production, use the third piece makes your wardrobe if multiply.
Try wearing the same clothes changing of blazer for a jeans jacket and come tell me if not changed everything!
You will be able to assemble different productions with the same parts and make them appear always fresh. A dream, right?
Keep it simple and then share to third piece!