The Packaging Over The Light From LED Lamps

LED lamps are in countless forms, sizes, brightness and light colours. Since the right choice is not always easy. Fortunately, the packaging is important information. What means what? Here we explain it.

The Packaging Over The Light From LED Lamps

Light Power: Lumens Rather Than Watts

The comparison of light sources the main role, but the luminous flux no longer plays the electric power in Watts. The reason is that different light sources from as much Watts produce much different light.

The physical unit of measurement for the luminous flux is called lumen (= light/lamp). The lumen value specifies the entire, emitted from a source of radiation, visible light output. The luminous flux so characterized the brightness of a lamp. The higher the lumen, the brighter the light. Only visible light is measured. The calculation formula is luminous intensity (in candelas) x solid angle.

Candela: Light In Relation To The Area

Candela (Latin for candle) is the base unit of luminous intensity. Measures how intensively the human eye perceives a light sensation. 1 candela corresponds to the intensity of a candle flame. Generally, bundled lights from different sources than stronger are perceived as sources of light radiating in all directions.

Lux-The Brightness That Arrives At The Place Of Destination

The unit is the illumination, which meets on a certain surface Lux (Latin for light).

So not only the brightness of a lamp, but also their distance from the surface to be illuminated is crucial. At a distance of two metres, the light intensity of a lamp is, for example, only a quarter of like at a meter. At a distance of three meters, it is only one-ninth. The table below gives a few lighting guidelines for various activities and areas in the House.

Recommended Illuminance Levels In The Budget

Color/Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Specifies the color rendering index (RA) how lifelike colors be reproduced. The colour reproduction on the basis of 8 test colors is to compare with natural light. The best value is defined with RA-100. The lower the value, the worse the playback. The RA not below 80 should be for a relaxed look.

Color Temperature In Kelvin

Whether the light warm (reddish), has a neutral or cool (bluish), depends on the colour temperature from, which is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). This colour temperatures with high red component (2,500 3,300 Kelvin) considered to be comfortable. Light colours from between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin, however, produce a rather objective atmosphere and are therefore very suitable for offices and jobs.