The New Economic Line of Motorola Teaches Its Appearance: This Would Be The Bike C

Recently, the media we did echo of the appearance by accident that could be the new Moto X (2017). The image of the terminal “slipped” to the company itself in a Memorial video on the first phone call that took place ago 44 years ago.

But in that video we also saw another mobile whose figure raised suspicions. Everything pointed to this terminal could be the Bike C or a second generation of Moto M, and now, a filtration on Weibo published by Techroider, said that Motorola could be preparing the arrival of the bike C to its catalog of input range.

Heir to the family bike E

There are many possibilities that the filtration is right, mainly because Motorola has always cared much its input range, keeping it functional smartphones that keep content sourced to the public that you consuming them. Proof of this are the terminals of the family and, as E3 bike that boasts a restrained but full features at an extremely affordable price.

And in this line it seems that you would be this possible C Moto, as according to the specifications that have been leaked so far, the phone would have a MediaTek processor, the MT6737m, you would accompany you a 1 GB of RAM. Also stay as Moto E3 with the 5-inch screen and would have a 5 megapixel rear camera and another front in 2 megapixel camera, as well as a 2300mAh battery.

Price of Bike C may be even cheaper than its input range has been so far

As for the price, it seems that it would be even cheaper other input range from Motorola (between 50 and 80 euros), something logical for such nuanced performance. We remind that at the moment they are not confirmed 100% data but the sources that come are reliable and hopefully Motorola to incorporate any model to the range entry this year.