The Mujica Of Marijuana And Mujica Of Bikinis

Tuesday was a day of soaking the VOXevent, promoted by the RBS Group, of 9:00 at 7:00 pm, and I say that to justify my absence here on the blog. I know many are not there for the fact that I have been absent or not – but as the blog is mine, I do what I will and my will is to justify my absence. I don’t like to disappear without a trace, you know like that?

Tuesday was a day of complete abandonment of the animal. I tried to wake up early to walk around, but I couldn’t. The task of going up and down speed bumps the Chico – and the task to get him and get him into the shower too, including right to annual vaccine.

Stomp the big I’d say is not having the bikinis of Amanda Mujica close to me. Amanda Mujica is related to Mujica, Uruguayan President General released the marijuana in the country. Amanda lives in Gávea in Rio, and I knew that decided to resume the new collection of AMU, brand that has existed for more than ten years, but that was off the market. One of the things I’ve always liked the AMU is never been hostage of pieces, prints or colors.Amanda has always used the brand to freak out and do what you wanted.

Amanda has just released the collection Way-uu, inspired by a tribe of Colombia. Are 70 pieces, including bikinis, swimsuits and beach. In bikinis, tells it, the idea was to play with the actual texture of the Colombian stock exchanges, such as wool and cross stitch.

According to, the collection is divided into four themes: has Colombia, with the climate of Cartagena; the Indigo beach, which combines with the San Andres island; the Blasè, inspired by the straws and cabanas; and the Full beach, basic black (which I love!). The bikinis have four styles of modeling, ranging from mini (the classic bow, which does not use nor under protest) until the big boys (for those who aren’t there for the greater Tan-Mariana type!), going through formats that show and hide (I like).

Amanda explains: “In my plays, a detail is always the same: the top of the Bikini is never made to be tied around his neck. I think superdesconfortável, and bad for the posture. In the bikinis of the AMU, the weight is on my shoulders. ”

She advocates a campaign by a Center with more elegance (count me, Amanda!). She speaks: “we have to have two bikinis for Beach day. Keep the wet bikini, marking the clothes, you can’t. I usually take a second to change and leave the beach compound. This can be a strapless, something tidier. ” I agree, but in my case I’m having serious relapse for swimsuits.I think so elegant …. I owe you a post about it!

AMU parts will be sold online and in stores like Caravan Holiday, in Leblon. But the focus is export. The catalog will be done in La Pedrera, in Uruguay, in early 2015, where even a pop-up store.