The Mobile Simyo

The new Simyo It is raising enough excitement, there is no doubt that has been affixed a step above the rest of MVNOs, after announced yesterday fares also we can see that mobile we offer.

The main novelty of Simyo is that their phones are free, you can use with any SIM card, clear is that this is the price of their mobile is quite high with another carrier, and for example the Nokia N95 8GB cost 710 euros, touch that each one makes its calculations.

In addition to the N95 8GB, It is the most expensive, we can find the Nokia 1650, Nokia 2760, Sony Ericsson W200, Samsung J600, Sony Ericsson K550, Sony Ericsson S500, Nokia 5310, Nokia N73, Sony Ericsson W910, Samsung G800 y Toshiba G900.

As you can see there is everything, moving from 69 to 710 euros, veterans, and news. According to terminal allow to choose between various colors and time shipping is free, also depending on the model and if there is portability they give between 20 and 60 euros of balance. Finally say that as Yoigo If we request a new number they allow us to choose four of their figures.