The Large Battery Scam

Phone for hours? Cell phone manufacturers often promise a longer battery life than their devices keep. We compare the results of our laboratory tests with the manufacturer’s instructions and expose the largest defectors. 

Barely a handful of typed SMS or MMS, with friends around a couple of times-already the cell phone pants after the charger device. Yet run out of steam according to the manual should reach at least twice as long. The reason: Many manufacturers specify significantly longer hours than achieved in practice.

We have compared our measurements with the manufacturer’s instructions-and it found some hair-raising deviations. Because we want to know when testing how long the user with a mobile phone in the worst conditions at least can make phone calls.

Full power required
Therefore we require the full power of the GSM with our measuring device from the phone constantly. We presented a number of these measurement results in the battery pack ranking.
The battery life be measured but most other manufacturers. We tell you how to measure the most important manufacturers and who skin doing most on the timpani.

The Largest Battery-Sinners

Just two instead of six and a half hours: with the result of this measurement, the Samsung SGH-D820 offers just 30 per cent of talk time, which it promises-that he deserves the top spot on the dissenters charts.

The SGH-D820 is a real exception. As with the other tested devices Samsung is also significantly less for his information about the life in comparison with our test values as, for example, Sony Ericsson.

So 2nd go up to 8 fully on the Swedish Japanese joint venture, which the top 10 of the dissenters hit list be over dominated. With the MOTOFONE F3, even Motorola has a staunch dissenters among the first ten.

It is also different
Some phones proved in our battery test but also significantly more than expected. For example the Matsunichi D620 dual, which ran nearly twice as long, had indicated as the manufacturer.

Place the understatement list a Samsung finds. The battery of the hard disks mobile phones SGH-i300 provided power for 4 hours and 45 minutes. The manufacturer specifies the runtime only with 2:30 hours.

The Hit List Of Manufacturers

Sony Ericsson is confidently leading the list of defectors. Motorola is second at third HTC/T-Mobile/O2. Samsung and Nokia are almost neck and neck in fourth and fifth place. Of our readings are closest the information from LG.

Sony Ericsson is most generous compared to the brand when it comes to providing the talk time. The actual talk time is only 42,47 percent of the manufacturer – the remaining 57.5 per cent are pure hype. Two is Motorola with an average 54,79 per cent of actual talk time on course.

Third place the manufacturer HTC with the licensees backs up T-Mobile and O2. The talk time is here at 65.43 percent of the specified values.

Directly behind Samsung rank with 77,66 percent and Nokia 79.01 percent, so overall quite close to the values calculated by us. Landing: off LG is closest with an average of 102,52 per cent. The Koreans so give slightly less talk time average, as the devices actually create.

Different measurement methods
We wanted to know why the manufacturer’s instructions are so different. Our research revealed that almost every manufacturer uses its own measurement procedures for determining the talk time. Sony Ericsson, for example, assumes the best reception conditions in its measurement according to demand. The mobile is so best network coverage test and compared with our test procedures with reduced transmission power.

Samsung and Motorola measure according to its own figures, however, best reception conditions (full GSM reception) as well as poor reception in multiple times and specify the mean value of the measurements as a battery. LG measures similar to how we, at full GSM transmitter power. Nokia is expressed on request not to the measuring method used for cell phone batteries.

How we test
For the measurement we connect fully charged the phone to a tester, which simulates a mobile wireless network. With a special network card, the phone in this network selects the tester simulates a telephone call in which the mobile with must send full GSM power, until the battery is exhausted. This procedure is repeated twice and the mean of the two results is specified as appropriate talk time.

So, we determine the minimum run time at high power.In everyday use, this value can vary. That depends on the ambient conditions, because the mobile phone must send varies. For example, the power supply in a region is very good, the mobile with maximum power must work. Under these favourable conditions, the battery can hold out longer.