The Future Of Intelligent Watches Is Still Uncertain

If you are plugged in technology, you’ve probably heard and even know some models–who knows even no longer has your… But try asking on a wheel of friends…… does everyone know what a smartwatch is? A clever watch…

The Future Of Intelligent Watches Is Still Uncertain

The smartwatches bring, above all, direct connection to your smartphone. The question is: Is this technology going to get?! Intelligent watches, as well as intelligent bracelets, called smartbands, have the ability to monitor the physical activity of the user through accelerometers and gyros. But, moreover–it may seem obvious–they need to show the time and present an interface oriented around the communication. With operating system, some models bring voice search, GPS navigation, reminders and, of course, take photo.

The great question is how to sell the product; It seems that the industry has not yet found the right model to address the consumer and differentiate the smartwatch of the SmartBand. Meanwhile, who knows or has experienced, says that the smartwatches have specific use–exactly the same of the bracelets; Monitor Health: Counting steps, how many calories you spend per day, how much you exercise and so on.

In the United States, the forecast of consultancy Gartner is that up to 2016 the smartwatches correspond to 40% of wearable devices. But, there, where the category is already much more advanced in this relationship with the consumer, surveys realize that the main usage is basically this same: health.

For now, especially in Brazil, smartwatch is an expensive item for little use. The few models offered here are in the hands of the “heavy users” of technology or even fans of the brands they bought to try and test the new gadget.

Another interesting discussion raised by the world’s foremost research institutes is the advantage for the manufacturer in betting both on a technology yet without a definite future. All the big ones already have their models: Apple, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony are just a few examples. Perhaps the most interesting view of this play is directly linked to the future of smartphones.

Have you ever used a smart watch? What’s your opinion on the category? Apple’s smartwatch is already in the shops Norte-americas and other developed markets. You think the Apple toy will become sales success for a change? Participate, leave your comment just below the video of this matter on our website.