The Fashion in Glasses: Spring-Summer

The arrival of spring time is the ideal time to buy new sunglasses for the new season.

This year’s fashion sums up the most popular trends of recent years and will fetch some ideas at a later time. Colored glasses, with a rounded shape or with very characteristic patterns are the main female choices of this time.

More important than following the trends is, of course, that you feel good about your new sunglasses. We leave some suggestions and trends of fashion in sunglasses and possibilities of styles and combinations for Spring-Summer:

Pink is the color of spring. It combines with the flowers, the good weather, the freshest clothes and the season’s most trendy accessories.

Fashionable are round or even round, well-darkened models with an approximate”cat’s eye” shape and a translucent frame with metal accents.

Transparent or translucent frames and colored and mirrored lenses could not be more fashionable this spring-summer. They are perfect sunglasses for the hot season and for more sporty or relaxed styles.

From lenses more or less rounded, there is no doubt that these glasses match the summer-and why not start using them earlier to anticipate the heat?

A more rectangular and heavily darkened lens model can also be a great hint if you like frames with warm colors and patterns.

The turtle pattern is one of the main trends in both sunglasses and prescription glasses and could not miss this season, coupled with more sophisticated and youthful styles.

Another frame that never stops being fashionable: the”aviator” format. What the weather has offered you are innovations in the color and materials of these glasses, here in red tones and in an even more relaxed style.

Ideal for sunny day trips and for more sporty looks, call it the hottest spring time.

Colored eyeglasses-in addition to dark-and elongated over the face are also trend this year, especially for more sophisticated looks.

The translucent but colorful frame and color lenses to match are the hallmarks of modernity and these sunglasses and reasons to make them your choice for this new season: for fashion dictionary.