The Famous Fashion: Tips and Photos

Trend-setters, the famous, after their own fashion designers, are among the main trend of launch customers world fashion. Whenever you want to know what’s hot, and will turn hit of the season, the first thing most women do is open a magazine or take a peek into a website or blog, to give that conferred on the look that such famous is using. After all, it is almost certain that that production is or will become a trend in the future.

When it comes to fashion, the actress Wilhelmina Guinle, one of the star of the new global plot “Astro”, follows the sophisticated and modern line, with pieces marked by pieces of straight cut and shape slim, that help show the curvaceous silhouette of Wilhelmina. In addition to pieces that mark the shoulders, which help to balance the body with the measurement of your hips. The actress also seeks to invest in powerful parts and accessories, such as high heels and always low-cut shoes, handbags with mixture of textures and colored belts.

Representative of the style “low profile”, Carolina Dieckmann always adds to its looks basic parts, but at the same time very detached. In everyday life, Carolina loves to mix in their casual attire with other parts more elaborate, that can contain Glitters, vibrant colors, mix of textures and materials, in addition to Accessories, like fancy purses and italicized, plus shoes and belts with bold and touch different.

In the closet of the global, enter many parts and accessories stylish and comfortable, like jeans, knitted clothes, sneakers, sandals, slippers, baggy pants creeping havaianas and dresses in all lengths. For gala events and night clubbing, Carol invests primarily in fair, almost always dresses in strapless style, many in bold colors, bright and complemented by elegant high heels and purses wallets following

Classic style and minimalist, the actress Barbara Paz, who lives the character of Virginia “bites & Blow” is known by your visual quite authentic and chic. Fan assumed tailoring and parts of the black, much of the closet of Barbara is punctuated by modeling parts straight and simple, with emphasis on the different cuts and mix of textures, conferring originality to the actress’s looks, and let your visual quite interesting. Averse to the use of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings, to give an up in production, Barbara always makes sure to complement the look with a nice makeup, shoes and bags. Besides, now and again, insert the visual pieces more colourful, and with metallic details.