The Closet Needs: Dark Blue Suit

A dark blue suit is not a piece of clothing. It is a stance against the over-consumption of black and dark gray. Always stylish and elegant. At the same time never stiff or boring.

Why should every man take a dark suit? First, there are always times when a suit is required, especially on special occasions such as weddings and graduation celebration. There is also a misconception that dark blue color would be a less formal. Although a frack mainly black, but when it comes to costumes have dark blue the same status as black and gray. The degree of formality depends rather on tygvalet.

The second argument for dark blue is that it is a color that literally line the all. Black and gray get easy people to see faded, while dark blue always gives an elegant impression. The paint also allows more combination options. The jacket is excellent to use as uddablazer and the pants as well. It often wears jeans and jacket should really consider replacing their black against a dark blue. It makes a big difference.

While the Black color places extremely high demands on the material and dark gray easily becomes Office boring feels a dark blue suit always relaxed. Simply enjoying life. A dark blue suit, combined with a white shirt and brown shoes, a really to think about why fashion black suits even exists.