The Classics Are Still Rising, It May Be The Turn of Motorola and Their RAZR V3

We saw him a year ago: Motorola could bring back a classic, the King of the swing, the Motorola RAZR V3. And today new news environment to the possible resurrection This mythical Terminal born in 2004 that surely many, bring you nostalgia-filled memories.

A simple message, “an icon returns” (an icon returns), the company in Malaysia Facebook account has been which has returned to lift all the commotion around the topic of the Motorola RAZR V3 and their possible return to the mobile market. But he will return as we knew him?

It is still too early to say anything, but it seems that the idea of Motorola is not the of re-edit the phone image and likeness, nor the launch it suitable to the present as it has Nokia with its 3310. According to the leaks, the phone would come shaped bike Mod, modules that extend the functions of the terminals of the firm.

Everything to be part of the project that Motorola has in association with Indiegogo platform for encourage the development and design your bike Mods. In the project different teams they compete and its function is the find the most innovative ideas. As well, it seems that one of the chosen finalists is that Moto Z could turn into a RAZR V3.

At the moment is all the information available about the topic, we hope that he is not of an April 1st joke and may soon have in our hands this classic of the mobile frame an era.