The Black Friday

In 2016, Black Friday reaches its seventh year in Brazil and is already considered one of the most anticipated days by consumers and sellers, since the date is synonymous with good discounts and good opportunities of purchases and sales, in several segments. But it was not always so.

Brief history of Black Friday

The term Black Friday appeared in the United States in 1869 when Jay Gould and James Fisk, two American speculators, tried to take the gold market on the New York Stock Exchange, causing the government to intervene and correct the distortion , Increasing the supply of the raw material to the market. The result was that prices fell and investors lost fortunes.

The biggest day of deals of the year, however, only gained strength with the name Black Friday in 2001, conquering several countries of the world little by little. In the United States, the event always happens after the Thanksgiving holiday and in Brazil, as we do not have this holiday, the date was imported by the shopkeepers who saw the potential of that day of sales.

The truth is that Brazilians also love offers and Black Friday is a success in Tupiniquins since its first year in 2010, when a discount company brought Black Friday promotions to Brazil. Currently hundreds of stores participate in the event with significant discounts on various types of products. The semi-jewelery market is also included in this list.

Take advantage of Black Friday jewelry deals and get Christmas gifts

It’s not just off electronics that Black Friday is made. There are numerous segments that participate of the date, being possible to find accessories, clothes, books, appliances and many other products with offer. And since the date is close to Christmas, how about taking advantage of gifts?

If you want to give your wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter, how about betting on a beautiful semijoia ? It is a proven fact that women are passionate about jewelry and accessories that contribute to their beauty. Therefore, this is always a sure gift for those who do not want to take the risk of making mistakes.

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Purchasing Security

Maite Joias has been in the market for two years and guarantees total security in online purchases. All data is encrypted at 256 bits.This means complete security with respect to the possibility of your information being intercepted and / or copied, both personal data and financial information. Our security is certified by COMODO.

We are also certified hacker counterattacks, malware infection, theft and cloning information, with several daily tests. In front of all the technology employed, we can guarantee that with us your purchase is safe.

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