The Basic Wardrobe of Pregnancy Women

Check out which pieces worth investing to build this cabinet to monitor the growth of the belly, with a lot of style

Give up. If you are pregnant, one day, your clothes will no longer serve and you will need to purchase appropriate parts to the new condition of your body. “The main mistake of the mothers, especially first-timers, are wanting to buy more clothes,” Daniela Wolf, owner of the Zazou, store specializing in clothes for pregnant women. Find maternity clothing that is wasteful, foolish, and that an extra dummy is a misguided equation solves.

“They think they’re going to be able to wear the clothes that are in the closet, and one day you realize that nothing else will do.” Of course, no one needs to assemble an entire wardrobe with clothes for pregnant women, is a passenger, but that requires comfort to get dressed. The mothers of first pregnancy is common to stomach take a little longer to appear, but the breasts soon require attention. They increase, are sore, and request more strengthened, lingerie straps are wide and with good support.

The Basic Wardrobe of Pregnancy Women 1

In the third, fourth month, even who is pregnant for the first time begins to realize that the circumference of the waist and the belly is no longer the same. The panties also must follow the new silhouette, as well as jeans, pants and shirts. “Pregnant clothes has a modeling made for the belly growth,” explains Daniela.

Ivone Nani, designer Emma Fiorezi, for 25 years in the market of pregnant women, also remember that pregnant women only have a different body, but keep the personality. “Always the modeling developed with this caution, not to be a cover for covering a body like the olden times. Every cava, each neckline, everything is studied profoundly to accompany the modification of the feminine silhouette, “Raghad.

“They need to prove to understand the difference,” says Daniela, in invitation. Just wearing is that pregnant women will realize how much the details make difference in comfort and contour of your new body. “Has the who prefer jeans that have just mesh in his pocket, and just the Pocket stretch. The pieces have elastic adjustments, that can follow the growth of the gut.Have those who like the pants with elastic and mesh on back. When dressed, usually realize that it was all they needed … and they didn’t know. ”

For a pregnant woman that fattening the pace suggested by doctors, of 9 to 12 pounds, the numbering doesn’t change. If it was 42, will be 42 of pregnant women. And the trend is the clothes serve till the end. Daniela points out that parts are made for this purpose. The tissues to trims, everything is chosen to result in durable clothes.If she get fat other than predicted, that mathematics does not close, and she’s going to have to change the numbering, as well as the extension of the hip, chest and belly growth, will be gaining volume in the rest of the body.

The Basic Wardrobe of Pregnancy Women 2

“In the old days, if you sold a lot G, XXL. Women were eating for two, there was a myth that fat mother brought benefits to the baby. Today, they make nutritional monitoring and want to feel well pregnant. The children are also more planned, and there’s a desire to display a silhouette of a pregnant woman. We have clothes for all occasions of the life of the pregnant woman, in sizes P, M and G, in casual and night line, as well as homewear, “Yvonne, Emma Fiorezi. Check out some tips for putting together a wardrobe basics for the pregnancy with comfort and style.

1 black pants (Leggings or tailoring)
1 pair of jeans
1 khaki pants
1 white shirt (can mount looks more classic or more casual)
1 Black mesh dress (changing the accessories, can be used in day to day and even at a cocktail party at night)
1 white t-shirt

Bust: always gets bigger, can abuse the necklines.

The Basic Wardrobe of Pregnancy Women 3

Belly: is not indicated. If the pregnant woman is at the weekend on the beach with the family, all right. But in the city, you don’t have to expose themselves that way. “The pregnant woman is requested, everyone asks for sex when, how long she’s already have to give a lot of information. It is better to keep more reserved in visual, “advises Daniela, the Zazou.

High heels: if it is used, all right, but the best are the smaller, 4 cm, 5 cm. Pregnancy changes the women’s Center of gravity, changes the equilibrium point, and the jump doesn’t help. The best is to abuse the rasterinhas, sneakers, not to mention that some pregnant women have swelling in the feet and the ideal are not fasten shoes too and have not elastic.

Lingerie: she must find the panties with support on the belly. Let the FLOSS for other times of life.Nowadays there are lines of lingerie designed for pregnant women, it is possible to look in the mirror and feel good.

Waist: to measure below the bust is the waist of the pregnant. She does not change during pregnancy and the use of cut parts Empire helps define the difference of the bust with the belly. The pregnant woman is with a more elegant silhouette. Mark the end of the belly is also indicated for those who want to valorize the tummy.