The Back of Vintage Handbags

Vintage fashion(retrograde) has increasingly gained the walkways and the preference of men and women. The last São Paulo Fashion Week, fashion week, more famous and trendy of Brazil, the  vintage handbags  made success in the parade of talented stylist Pedro Rocha for the season spring-summer 2017. 
With inspiration from the visual of the cangaço, accessories have classic colors and based on detailed brown tones with the brightness very fabric or embroidery. Despite the prevalence of these dark shades, other soft colors are also part of the style, such as the white women’s handbags, for example. The parade showed that female vintage handbags can match practically everything.

One of the greatest classics of vintage fashion is the postman bag, this square model and brown or caramel can be used at night and mainly day. To appropriate and looks very nice, choose long or short skirts; fresh colorful or monochrome dress. Another option is the super fashion shirt, skirt or short shorts, jacket and shoes. In these cases, the ideal is to use the bag in position.

Different from the way a postman, the retro handbags with less square format are the most suitable for formal occasions, like the day to day work and business meeting. Brown color remains, but black is also excellent. The accessory must be loaded by hand through the smaller handles. Now, if your appointment is nocturnal and full of bars or ballads, it takeswomen’s handbags smaller and more practical. To do this, choose the purse with rounded edges, caramel color, embroidery and cross strap. There is no limitation of clothes for this model; pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, jeans and t-shirt; everything is very beautiful. There are many other kinds of women’s handbags vintage, variety to please all tastes and more distinct.

The vintage fashion causes the different compositions of handbags over time come to the fore. The evolution of accessory is very surprising and cool. In 60 years, the models were really tiny, like wallet and with real leather animal tissue, in addition, the colors were basic(black and white) and other colourful, as royal blue; Pink; Red; among other. Already in the years 70, the hippie movement added knitting bags, chochet and straw. Women of all ages wore such styles.

After the years 70 and contextualizing with female emancipation, new models came into use, as the women’s handbags in folder format, with more practical and made, mainly to accommodate documents and professional materials, while a more formal style gave.
From then on, the only models have evolved, each year, new scholarships with details and natural beauties formed the highlight of the famous fashion shows. Are large or small; with or without cross-handles; bag formats, bag, rectangular, disc; chain or fabric handles; synthetic leather material, straw, Sequin, anyway. All kinds inspired by beautiful compositions of the past and finishing with totally contemporary traits.


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