The 5 Questions about Jewelry: Real or Fake?

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you that after returning from holidays I’d done a little test, 5 questions about jewelry simple?? Yet I thought I anticipated, weird. All right, let’s say it’s a surprise test to give a bit of panache to this lazy September!

Jewelry questions

I know, you must be wondering why I came up with this bizarre idea of a test. Simple: this summer I have had several questions about jewelry and I realized that there are several common places in this area.

Muster, then, that if you try to do some research on the internet you will find the most varied responses and agree with me that this test there is everything. And since you’ll find answers without any effort, you can also relax.

Come to us and to our questions about body jewelry on

To inquire about a jewel is gold should be biting?

Fake and it’s dangerous to try!

Let me be clear, the Gold is a soft metal and then biting the teeth can actually leave a mark, but they certainly don’t have the guarantee that it is genuine gold. Bet? Imagine that your jewelry is plated gold but in reality the soul is made of lead, which is still softer than gold: you might think of this as a jewel absolutely alone with gold.

And then consider that you may hurt your teeth (as well as your jewel of course!).

Be wary also of many do-it-yourself methods you can find on the internet, the use of magnifying glass to nitric acid, by the evidence of the magnet to the density, since water method to that of ceramics.

Do you want to be sure that it’s Gold? Go to your jeweler or goldsmith and ask for a technical opinion!

The number 925 means the jewelry is real silver?

Absolutely true! If you look on the inside of a silver jewellery you should find a hallmark (i.e. a hack) with the number 925 Silver 925 to indicate when the League is most common, that is.

Should stand even the warranty, that I tell you to do, but we certainly can’t rule out that the punch was a fake jewel, although to tell you the truth can happen more for gold than for silver ones.

The silver makes green skin when it’s allergy?

Fake, falsissimo! The greenish colouration isn’t actually related to an allergy, but it is the skin reaction to metals used in jewelry to melt silver, especially when you sweat.What does that mean? That silver is not pure, why is copper (not silver) to create the greenish glow to the skin.

Zircon is like a diamond but it’s cheaper?

Falsissimo!! Zircon is a fundamentally different from artificial stone Diamond: Although shines (and much less of a diamond) is much much cheaper.

For laymen maybe it can be difficult to distinguish zirconia from a Diamond but I assure you that there are two planets unparalleled both in terms of intrinsic value, both in terms of yield in terms of brightness.

Genuine jade is cold?

True! Obviously not enough temperature element to establish the authenticity of a jade, but it can be a start since this is a stone poorly heat deflector.

Lately you can find in shops (also Eastern) jade jewelry passed off as real even though at very low prices. You always do a lot of attention, remember that nobody is even equipped to do miracles!

To test its authenticity you can also try to carve the stone with the nail: basically if it’s true jade will not leave any scratch because it is a very hard stone.

And then the real jade usually presents a few small natural imperfections, so be wary of a stone absolutely perfect!

I answered your questions on jewelry, now are you satisfied curious Dolphin?!