The 5 Hottest Water Bottles on the Market

5 new options to the usual plastic bottles which are harmful, they’re not glamorous.

We’ve all read, somewhere, that the water bottles , plastic end up doing unhealthy and all we ended up buying some container that is more sustainable and less harmful-who never had a bottle of water from the tupperware?

But now there are more and more supply in the hottest water bottles, with style and will arouse the curiosity of everyone in the gym or in the Office. It’s so important to drink water and stay hydrated … why not do it with beautiful design and different parts?

5 water bottles that are pieces of design

Memobottle, €24.50

The bottles of Memobottle were created from the form of a sheet of paper, with sleek lines and minimalist, were thought to be carried in briefcases, suitcases or backpacks, with the laptop, books or other personal property.

Despite your way, this bottle keeps all functional apetos of the traditional water bottles. An original, creative and innovative object reinvents the design of reusable bottles.

‘ Well, €17 the €36

A bottle which can keep fresh water during 12:00 am, thanks to your design with double wall stainless steel, which does not let the cold/heat in. Depending on the size and design, prices vary between the €17 and the €36. With an eye-catching design, promise to end the water hot in summer or cold in winter tea.
The nozzle is wide enough to make ice cubes, for example. It’s still a eco-friendly bottle (with your bottle ‘ well will save 3,000 plastic bottles per year). In addition, for every bottle sold, a part reverts to WaterAid.

Bobble, €19.99 the €39.99

The Bobble is a brand that aims to make the water we drink better. Each bottle is reusable and filters the water while we drank, removing the chlorine through a carbon filter. More water, clean and with better nitida flavor. The Bobble is a good alternative to the common water bottles that harm the environment and your wallet.

The brand created several lines, since normal bottles with the filter, the jars and bottles of stainless steel where you can store cold or hot liquids and keep your temperature. Prices vary between the €19.99 and the €39.99. Some of the models are also available in stores Worten.

BUBI, €9.90

The BUBI is the only soft water bottle, compact, multifaceted world. In just a few seconds, you can roll it up and take it wherever you want. It’s made in silicone and can take hot, cold liquids or solids. You can buy your here.

KOR, €32.95

KOR water bottles are nice, full of style and chosen by various celebrities. The philosophy of the brand is “Better Me, Better World,” which argues that sustainable hydration needs no sacrifices. 1% of sales of KOR revert to non-luvrativos which relate to the preservation of the water. The KOR have a distinctive design and are made in a material of excellence.
Choose from the hottest water bottles and take it with you everywhere.