The 10 Greatest Dramas When Buying Bikini

It does not matter if you are tall or short, have large or small breasts, many or few curves. Finding the ideal bikini that values ​​your body is always a saga. And, look, sometimes it’s so hard we could even call it the Hunger Games!

  1. The little curtain does not cover the whole breast

And it does not even come to say that it’s just getting bigger, because often this

it is not a solution. The bikini can be GG, but the PP curtain. That’s no good, right?

  1. The unsuspecting taker-taker

You are only at will.

  1. The tester’s light does not help

Shops, understand, the least we want is that light that makes us look like

more beautiful in her swimsuit. For love, right?

  1. The bikini is G but looks like P

“Girl, are you sure this is G-size?”

  1. From there you can assemble your bikini, as long as the pieces are of the same model

Errrr, buguei.

  1. How do you only have thong model?

“I’m not obligated.”

  1. You try a thousand models, but none gets good


  1. Find lots of beautiful and stylish models, but do not buy because you imagine

the sun set later, right?

Beautiful, but…….

  1. Pear, just sell the set?Do not sell spare parts?

What year is today, you know? How to do it if I saw P up and M down ?!

  1. You finally find a bikini that looks great on your body and…

“Is this price right? Two pieces of cloth for $ 400? I refuse.”