The 10 Best Phones From 100 To 1000 Euro

Who wants to buy a new smartphone or give, has a huge selection, has to decide but sometime. makes it, presents his 10 buying tips for rates of 100 to 1000 euros.

To buy a new smartphone, is not so easy if you are not sure which device you want to have. Even if the requirements are clear, which should correspond to the phone, there is still a wide range. Often, the price will then decide, but even then remain usually several candidates in the narrower choice. Is to set hard. It stated also as it made the task for 100, 200, 300 euros up to select exactly tipped purchase 1000 euro. Probably not everyone is happy with the selection, but like with any buyer, sometimes not only objective criteria but also personal preferences played a role. The prices are online prices.

Decent Entry Level Device

For $100 you get nowadays already quite ordinary smartphones. But making significant cuts in the cameras, storage facilities or the quality of the housing. Normally, you would expect no updates operating system for the price – but it is possible. In the 100-euro class amongst the Lumia 550chosen, because it already introduced mobile Microsoft in October 2015 with Windows 10. The phone has a very neat 4.7-inch display in HD resolution, its processor is fast enough for a smooth operation and the app selection in Windows 10 is always sufficient for simple everyday life of cheap smartphones. Is too puny for many applications that photos with 8 gigabytes of internal memory and you can save videos on microSD cards.

Who is willing to spend 200 euros, must choose between pretty good smartphones, has opted for theMoto G4 . It has a sharp and bright 5.5-inch full HD display and is equipped with a potent Qualcomm chip, which has 2 gigabytes of memory to the page.What is a camera equipment good for the priced. 16 gigabytes of internal memory can be added via microSD card. Because almost pure Android is installed, the Moto 4 receives also the Nougat-Update and can hope for more updates.

Medium Fine From 300 Euro

The 300-Euro class has won the Samsung Galaxy A5. It has a upper class housing made of aluminium, a quick fingerprint sensor, a strong inner life and a gorgeous AMOLED display, ppi offers a pixel density of 424 at 5.2 inches. The cameras are fine mid-size and the battery is durable and has a quick charge function.

Huawei’s honor-smartphones are always a good price performance choice in the entire Middle class. But again, the honor 8 is a class of its own. It is hard to find an equivalent or even better Smartphone for 400 euros. In its high-quality glass enclosure, it is one of the most attractive smartphones at all and also technically is superbly equipped the unit with great double camera, full HD screen, powerful processor and 4 gigabytes of memory. Also the battery lasts long and can be quickly loaded on demand.

Top 3 Smartphones Starting From 500 Euro

Taking 500 euro in hand, you can already real top smartphones buy, with a little luck also the Galaxy S7. The price of the Smartphone moves online currently between 500 and 520 euros in offers, but also every now and then among them. To go a few euros on the threshold of pain, is worth in this case, however, because the Galaxy S7 is one of the best three smartphones of the year. The waterproof glass casing over the ox Interior, the super sharp AMOLED screen up to the cameras all components of the device at the top level are moving.

Also the 600-euro class won Samsung for themselves, because the price of the Galaxy S7 Edge now to 600 euros. The equipment corresponds to the S7, the display of the edge is but bent on the sides.

Beyond the 600 euros can be found the only thing brand new smart phones or devices that actually already too expensive to be sold. The 5.9 inch Phablet Huawei Mate 9 belongs to the first category and will cost soon less than 700 euros. In the test, it convinced dual camera and a fast processor, inter alia through a large battery life, Huawei’s new. Also, the Smartphone has whopping 64 gigabytes of Flash memory and still in addition swallows microSD cards.

Google And Apple Breathe Expensive Mountain Air

800 euro and more cash in only a few manufacturers for a Smartphone. One of them is Google with its Pixel-Smartphonessince the autumn. You run with pure Android and will be two years to the first smartphones are, receive the updates and new features. In addition, the devices are technically at a very high level. You are as liquid as hardly a different Smartphone and the camera can top with snap. The 5-inch pixel the 800-Euro class decides for itself, the XL pixel with 5.5 inch QHD display is the Smartphone of the selection of 900 euro.

The 1000 Euro Crown must be the iPhone 7 plus set with 128 gigabytes of internal memory. Not just because it’s hard to find a different smartphone at this price. Apple’s flagship has also a chip that has set new standards in this year with the A10 and it affords no weakness too. The second camera with double focal length is a real winner, especially when shooting portraits. The haptic feedback functions of home button and display are unique.