The 10 Best Alarm Clocks

If you’re lazy, those who only heard the word “early” wants to crawl under the covers and not come out ever again, my dear, my dear…  Here is the solution!
Sleep is wonderful, that everyone knows. And I know that you and your bed has a relationship more than serious.

Friends, brothers of laziness, I give you the 10 most CRAZY alarm clocks that will make you get out of bed in any way. No excuses for being late at work/school/whatever.

1. Wake N’ Bacon

For a bacon addicts, imagine waking up with that smell? No one can resist, right?
Just put a piece of bacon at night and BAM breakfast ready.
It is not available here in Brazil, but here you have a tutorial of how you make your own Wake N ‘ Bacon!

2. Clocky Runaway

But, believe me, cute he doesn’t have ANYTHING. It works like this: you program the alarm clock, and time to wake up, he JUMPS over a meter and RUNS AWAY and MAKING NOISE(R2D2, but still …). He won’t stop with the scandal at the time that you can achieve it. Run + sleep + laziness? Careful with the furniture of the House.

 3. Tocky Runaway

It works the same way as the Clocky, but his design is different. Both the Tocky as Clocky you can buy here, but you can also find in AliExpress and on Amazon.

 4. Flying Alarm Clock

At the scheduled time, he is thrown away, making a loud noise, and it’s only going to stop playing when you put it back on the base.

 5. Rocket Alarm Clock

The Rocket works the same way that the Flying: it will “fly” away and you need to catch him and put it back in place.
Here you can buy the Flying and here the Rocket.

 6. Mathematical Alarm Clock

Have you thought of waking up and having to work right off the bat a mathematical equation?As it is, and if you’re not in order to solve? Well, take the noise.

 7. Mr. Bump Alarm Clock

Poor Mr. Bump… Inspired by a series of children’s books, when it starts to wake up, you have to throw it with all your strength on the wall. If it isn’t hard enough, it will continue playing until you can get it and tacá it again.

 8. Smash Alarm Clock

An alarm for you realize your dream to punch the alarm clock. He just stop playing when you give a punch!

 9. Target Alarm Clock

For lovers of FPS, this alarm ringing if you aim right on target and make a “shot”. Just won’t up and running to play video games.

 10. The Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

The Nixie comes with a dashboard that you put on the wall and customize your code, and it will only stop if you wake up and put the password.
The price is pretty steep, but if you want you can find it here.