Tapouillon Vintage Etsy

Cynthia aka  Tapouillon Vintage  won the Etsy scholarship to the market for Vintage Fashion. It will be on our stand this weekend! Katia Purrfect Kat Vintage will also be with us on the stand Etsy. And we will be hosting a DIY workshop to make Peter Pan collars  with vintage doilies (remember to bring your tops!).

-Who are you?

My name is Cynthia. I’m originally from Yvelines, but I live in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. I love antiquing forever, and I have done my job in selling my vintage finds.

-Apart antiquing, what are you doing?

I’m busy all the time! I do not know boredom.
I want to update my Etsy shop , but I also sell specialized markets. I take care of my blog , and I splint to know the culture of vintage and handmade around me.
I love dancing, I spend several hours a week (tap, jazz, zumba, pole dance …).
Qaund I find time, I make things with my fingers, I play with my cat, I make the pastry, I go to the cinema, concerts …
I take the life of my family, nature, and the waterfront.

– How did Tapouillon Vintage?

My mother took me with her antiques since childhood. She loves to hunt and gave me the taste for beautiful things. It is also she who communicated the love of fashion. I had, however, chosen another field: Audiovisual. And while I hardly found meaningful work, I realized that the US, as Sally Jane , sold their vintage finds on the net. I already had a fine collection of antique clothing, and I showed them on my blog. This is where my readers encouraged me to sell online. And that’s how was born Tapouillon Vintage.

I immediately chose the Etsy platform. This is the one that seemed the most appropriate, (as dedicated to vintage), and the most rewarding.

What are your inspirations, favorite periods or styles?

I am very cinephile. I love musicals from the 30s to 70 as those of Stanley Donen, Jacques Demy. I’m a fan of the work of Billy Wilder, Gene Kelly, Michel Legrand, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Michel Gondry, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola …
There are so many things that inspire me: travel, art, fantasy, middle of the show, nature, music, photography, internet, people, and my trips in a flea market.

I like to find there old fashion magazines to see what was done and at what time.

I love the clothes designed for the stage show. And I love the handmade pieces, with a story that just guess by observing their work.
My favorite style of the moment is that of 40 years.

-If you could transport yourself into someone’s dressing (no matter the place or the time), with whom would you go?

I would go into the dressing room of a lead dancer or entertainer in 30/40/50 years. To have held all the crazier than the other. Playsuits in sequins, sparkling tiaras, and tap shoes flake. Fringes, feathers, jet cabochons, embroidery in gold thread!

-How you selected your room?

I select my pieces for their quality and interest. A beautiful material, a nice cut, something original, and voila. I do not specifically looking for a brand. For me, this is not the only guarantee of quality. In the past, the clothes made by anonymous were very neat.
It also requires that the garment please me! If, at first glance, I can imagine (well) supported, it’s good!

I also committed myself to the current fashion for the parts that I propose are able to mix with modern clothing.

-What is the vintage mean to you?

Vintage defines something that has more than 20 years, but that is representative of its time. It is a guarantee of quality, as in the past, the clothes were made to last. It is a way of dressing ecologically recycled as a garment instead of creating another one.

But for me, the main interest of the vintage is all about the uniqueness of a piece that makes its originality. I like to have something that no one else will. A garment is a piece of someone’s personality.

-How do you know your store?

I use my blog to report updates of my readers to shop. I have a facebook page dedicated to the boutique, which I also give all their news.
I have business cards on which include the store address and I distribute them with a vengeance, especially during the vintage fairs in which I participate.
I think making treasury and join teams allows to be known even if it is not the first goal.
Finally, I try to have a nice shop with beautiful products that make you want people to talk about them.

What have you prepared for the exhibition of vintage fashion?

I made a selection of summer clothing and accessories for men, women and children!
Bathing swimsuits, summer dresses, the former lingerie, man of small shirts, outfits for seasonal ceremonies and essential accessories to your wardrobe
There will be items already on sale on the site, but also full of unreleased then discover that!

– What are your plans ?

My dream would be to successfully move my region by creating a small vintage and designer market in the Gulf of St Tropez. I work but I really start from zero, so if people with good tips read me, either for the place, legislation, communication, thank you to contact me

I would also open two more shops on Etsy. A shop of vintage items for the home, and a shop where I sell the “handmade”.

I am preparing to open a showroom in the Gulf of St Tropez for the summer. As soon as I am ready to receive you, I communicate to you the place. You can come and see me if you spend your holidays on the French Riviera …