Take Care of the Garden During Your Absence

Let your garden protected when traveling

Plants and flowers always need special care. Many of them even require daily watering. If there is a scheduled trip, the little plant will have to stay home alone.

Here are some good ways to keep the well-tended garden during your absence to return home with all blue whiting! Come on?

  1. Stop the fertilizer before the trip

Do not let worry about the little plants just on the eve of the trip. Begin to prepare them for the absence in the two weeks before your departure. 15 days before traveling, leave them without fertilizer. Thus, they will grow more slowly, requiring less water and you will earn extra time to enjoy the days off. In these past, you can take advantage to take the leaves and dry twigs.

  1. Avoid drench the plants

Do not even think of soaking the plants in order to make up for the days you will be out! In addition to not work, this strategy can have its roots rot, weakening the plants. Ideally, they receive water gradually; after all, the gradual irrigation is what keeps them healthy. But if you have cacti and succulents at home, do not worry because it is not necessary to water them to travel, since, by having water inside, resist well for weeks without watering.

  1. Place the outdoor plants

If you will travel, even the plants that usually stay indoors should be placed outdoors for receiving ventilation, heat and natural light. Eventually, they may end up being naturally irrigated by rain. But beware that it is important that the place is airy and safe! The incidence of sunlight must be partial, so that does not affect the use of dew.

  1. Use a special gel to keep the damp earth

If the absence is even inevitable, at least ensure that the land of the vessels will remain well moistened while you are away. A good way to make this possible is putting a special gel that just has the function to keep the soil moist. But to get maximum effective results, it is essential to follow all the recommendations for use in the package.

  1. Invest in irrigation systems

The most efficient way to take care of the plant even when you are not around is to invest in appropriate irrigation systems. It methods using micro irrigation or even use systems programmed irrigation with a timer that allows watering is planned. Furthermore, today there are systems sprinklers capable of distributing water to different vessels by means of drip points. Watering is not interrupted, and it is done as it should: little by little, without exaggeration.

Take a quiet trip knowing that your garden is well maintained!