Tailoring Clothing Plus Size

The tailoring parts are responsible for composing a look sophisticated and discreet. They value the female body without vulgarity and have the commitment to a sober composition. Many women are betting on tailoring clothes for work or attend social events.

What are tailoring clothes?

The word comes from tailoring tailor, a professional specialized in making men’s clothes such as suits, shirts, trousers, blazer and vests. In this way, it is possible to say that the fashion feminine tailoring search inspiration in the wardrobe of men.

The female tailor clothes are usually used to create a formal and elegant look. However, if the woman mixing with casual pieces, she gets a look stripped that is super for inside the fashion trends.

The tailoring is being incorporated, gradually, the plus size fashion. The fatties wish elegant pieces, made with quality fabrics and able to adapt to most environments.

How to use plus size tailoring?

Check out some Tips for using tailoring clothes plus size:

  • Tailoring clothes are made with noble fabrics, i.e. the fatties need not be afraid of mark the body;
  • The rule for choosing the clothes remains the same: to enhance the most beautiful body and disguise what bothers;
  • The overlapping jacket and vest, it pays to give preference to a stronger color on my blouse underneath, because it gives the impression that the trunk is thinner;
  • The blouses and shirts should always be at the height of the hip;
  • The social shirt of thin tissue can be combined with a short of tailoring in cooler days;
  • Tailoring clothes perfectly match the high-heeled shoes; Here at oakdaleblog you can find more different models and styles.
  • Women who follow fashion plus size should give preference to trousers straight cut, since the tapered pants give the impression that the hip is much broader;
  • The clothes in colors black, Navy Blue and Brown help to disguise the extra pounds;
  • If the plus size woman wants to adopt some stamped piece, she needs to be careful not to choose patterns with large drawings. Any error in this aspect can make the silhouette look bigger;
  • It’s worth appreciating the female lap with a v-neck or U, but without vulgarity;
  • Tailoring pants must not be too tight and not too loose in the body. The meshes do not match the proposed look, so should be avoided.