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Polaroid Glasses Are the Choice of New Generation of Consumers

Although they may not be as embedded in today’s culture as other brands, Polaroid sunglasses are gaining ground in the preference of younger generations .To mark the 80th anniversary of the brand, Polaroid has focused on leveraging the brand as a lifestyle icon and is bringing in new fans every day. Continue reading

Fashion Female Glasses

Female Sunglasses Summer 2013-Trends

The fashion for the summer as well as influence the clothes, the shoes, the beauty and common accessories, also takes care of the glasses, which not only decorate but also protect our eyes in the bright light of the Sun in the hottest season of the year. Are several trends for all tastes and styles. Continue reading

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Prices

The Aviator type sunglasses make success among men and women, complementing the look for different occasions. The model can be modern and stylish at the same time, combines with different formats and enhances the charm of the look during the day. The Aviator sunglasses are manufactured by several brands, including as consecrated Ray Ban. Continue reading

Armani Sunglasses Prices, Models

Fashion is something that is present in the lives of thousands people, I mean, who doesn’t like to leave home and betraying glances wherever she goes. I think everybody loves that, for this reason it is important to always be up to date with fashion, stay tuned on the new trends of each season in order to be in fashion so much at work as still in the Club. Continue reading

The Glamor of Valentino in Eyewear

The high-fashion maison Valentino produces pieces of clothing that, for decades, are icons of beauty and style.The same effect happens with your production of sunglasses and degree. In the different eyewear lines of the brand, you can find models of several styles: classic, austere design, discreet, among others. They combine with various occasions of everyday life, be it work, leisure or a formal situation. The mission of this brand is to, with its unique pieces, highlight the originality of each person’s style. Continue reading

Some Accessories that Show How Much You Care With Style

Many times they don’t appear right, but when they make that difference. Male accessories are not there only by Convention, many of them are the complement of style your look need to become something truly remarkable. See below what are the items that show maturity and eleg6ancia time to get dressed and what care should be taken not to make a mistake in time to buy them and use them: Continue reading