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Men’s Clothes for Graduation: What Man Should Use?

Choose clothes for prom can seem easy. Generally it is thought in a suit, and all the problems are magically solved. In practice, it’s not like that.
It is true that the guests should always be well dressed, in a sign of respect to forming. However, it is also a sign of respect to be suitable to her proposal, as set out in the invitation to the event. Continue reading

Classic Fashion Style

We have previously highlighted the fall collections of several classic British and Italian manufacturers. Therefore we thought we now take a look at what the Americans have to offer. American fashion previously have often been associated with at fit and a rather pale design seems to have undergone a total change. Or what do you think?

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Tips for Collar and Groom’s Shirts, Wedding Dresses


One of the rules that is very easy and will help the groom when buying his shirt is to see if the collar has buttons.

If it has, the shirt should only be used in a sporty way, that is, without the tie, therefore, this model Collar is not appropriate for a social event such as marriage. Continue reading

Six Garments You Should Have In the Closet for Autumn/Winter

There are garments and accessories that you should not wear at 30 and then there are garments which you should definitely have in your own wardrobe for the autumn/winter 2016. This is exactly what six dresses and shoes are capable of, which can raise your own outfit to a new level and bring the certain something into your own style. Continue reading