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Gant and His Thousands of Colorful Proposals for This Spring/Summer 2010

Gant It is one of those firms that truly worthwhile to spend the money on them. Not only because the quality of their products is unbeatable (their jerseys are the very best I’ve seen in a long time) but because it is also a very elegant brand but but nonetheless falls into the temptation to make your models and assemblies classics and bland, they continually experiment with colors, new collaborations and joint designs. And the result jumps to the eye. Continue reading

In Excess,High Heels Can Cause Varicose Veins and Thrombosis

Many women do not live without using the heels. These shoes are gorgeous and leave the more feminine woman we know, but your use must be in moderation. Check out what the jump and your height can cause and look for other models in heels more comfortable.

Footwear with heels decrease the amplitude of foot flexion and extension by restricting the blood pumping performed by the calf.”Just after a few hours with high heels, there will be blood stasis in the venous compartments with your speed reduction and enlargement of the veins in this location”,explains the vascular surgeon of the Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças, Christian Schmitt. Continue reading

Jeans Printed Jeans – How To Use, Buy, Models

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models of Printed Jeans

Many women and girls like to always be neat and stylish and the new trend is now printed jeans, you can buy in malls, virtual stores, with many different models and styles, printed jeans are very successful with all women then buy your printed jeans already and know how to use to avoid going ugly in the streets. Continue reading

Lifestyle Sunday #73

Do you believe it? It’s already a week and already Sunday again. And we all know what that means, time for the lifestyle Sunday. By the way, only eight editions by the end of the year, already terrifying as fast as time passes. But do not worry, even after the turn of the year the Lifestyle Sunday does not change. As always, the latest trends and styles are brief and crisp, summarized in an article. Now, have fun with the Lifestyle Sunday #73. Continue reading

Fast Fashion: Dresses for Summer and Baratex Bags!

After all the uproar caused by the launch of the collection of Pat Bo to C & A, we’re back to our regular programming of our findings. But for those who still dream of some kind of designer, you still have time to run to the Mall(here in BH found in BH Shopping) and find some models. Continue reading