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Models Of Junina Party Clothes

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Have you checked out the new Junina 2018 Party Clothes?You can not imagine what fashion brought to these parties, innovation was not lacking, but also needed, because we had only those dresses we rented and they were very stylish, but they had everything to do with the occasion, but the women wanted something more modern, and more stylish of preference.For this the trends have changed and come with great news too, let’s check and keep an eye on what is being used. Continue reading

How To Make A Long Skirt

The long skirt is the current fashion joker. It is possible to use it day, at night and on more special occasions, it all depends on the accessories with which it is combined and the makeup chosen. The trend is not new, emerged in mid-2009 and has arrived to stay.  The lacy models are quite successful among younger people.  Continue reading

The Back of Vintage Handbags

Vintage fashion(retrograde) has increasingly gained the walkways and the preference of men and women. The last São Paulo Fashion Week, fashion week, more famous and trendy of Brazil, the  vintage handbags  made success in the parade of talented stylist Pedro Rocha for the season spring-summer 2017.  Continue reading

Seda Fashion Shirts: Sophistication, Awesome Models to Destroy

There is something more elegant than a sophisticated woman in a beautiful silk shirt. The piece that is almost a symbol of who knows how to dress well is never out of fashion and is the perfect option for daytime and nighttime events. There is no mistaking a silk shirt, just take some care that you will be beautiful and super charming in any event. Continue reading

7 Jeans Combinations With Jeans to Tear You Apart

See tips on how to assemble total gorgeous and comfortable jeans looks.

Hello guys!

As everyone should already be tired of knowing, jeans is the most democratic and easy to match wardrobe fabric, goes with everything from flat pieces to prints, to fine and casual fabrics. It looks beautiful. But is wearing a full jeans look cool? Yes, it is. Look at the 7 combinations of jeans and jeans to tear you apart. Continue reading

Black Leggings: How to Use

The legging pants are one of the great fashion trends since, roughly, last summer. It is a very versatile piece of clothing that both serves for the winter and for summer, which replaces the tights or jeans. In addition, give a younger look, modern, informal, in addition to be very confortál. Still leaves a more sensuous look and helps to hide cellulite, to delineate the penalty.

Continue reading