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Pull and Bear Vs Mango (Homini Emerito): Shirts for This Summer

We continue with comparisons, that even though they are almost always odious, it is the only way we have to choose wisely and value items that will make up our wardrobe for this summer. After the Poles that we compare from Zara and Emeritus Homini Let’s go for shirts. The shirts It is a garment that is the season of the year that is always have a place in our sets, especially in the most elegant or classic though, as we shall see, it is not always so. Continue reading

How to Use Summer Clothes in the Winter?

Winter is coming, and what to do with that bunch of shorts, tank tops and dresses, high-waisted skirts, etc., purchased in the summer heat? The solution, certainly not redesign the entire closet, but invest in good old creativity to increase these little pieces, mixing with other typical of the cold season. Want to know how? Learn, then, how to use the summer clothes in the winter, and get a more varied wardrobe. Continue reading

Le Tutu: Fashion of Women’s Shirts!

Who is addicted to shirt raises his hand … o/o/o/. It’s a serious case, whenever we think of an outfit to wear, whether day or night, the pistol comes to mind! But also, it is no less … the shirt is a timeless, classic and super play, without a doubt, makes women even more elegant. Some of us have real passion and the collect of all shapes, sizes and patterns. Continue reading

Fashion Tips for Fatties

Chubby And Elegant-Clothing Tips

If you are overweight and you think so you should only use loose clothes and you don’t mark anything your body is completely wrong. It’s not because your body has small curves that they need to be hidden. Wearing the right clothes and the infallible tricks, you can be elegant and very well dressed, even if you are overweight. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Mastitis

Mastitis is the inflammation of the breast glands, which may affect women who are initiating breastfeeding and also those that are not — although it is more commonly occur among lactating women. To help moms who are going through that, I decided to gather diverse information on mastitis in this mini dossier. Come learn more about how to avoid the problem, what are the discomforts and symptoms that he brings and efficient measures to treat it. Continue reading

Transparent Shirts

Where to buy, Models and Pictures of Transparent Shirts

The fashion of transparent shirts has come to stay many models and different styles you can buy the transparent shirts plus they are very stylish they are also doing very successful with all ages, with a slight transparency you can stay in fashion with many places to buy the transparent shirts in malls, virtual stores , see the models of   transparent shirts and buy your own. Continue reading