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2014 Winter Jackets

In winter it is possible to perfect the visual, dare in looks and perfect using warmer clothes to protect himself from the cold and still make her beautiful, as is the case of blazers, coats and jackets that are a212-055 detail the part visual combination for winter. In this article we will talk about the news of 2014 Winter Jackets, know which options to use and which to set aside at the station. Continue reading

Wearing Skinny Pants Can Damage Nerve Fibers of the Feet

If you are one of those who does not resist good skinny pants , beware when you stay too long in a position that will leave the jeans tighter. The alert appears in an article in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry , which revealed that spending too much time crouching when you are wearing tight fitting pants can damage nerve and muscle fibers in your legs and feet – and even prevent the Person can walk. Continue reading

Jeans – How To Use

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models for Jeans

Many girls women mainly wear the jeans to go out at night to ballads and bars because it is a more casual pants and here you will see how to use and where to buy the various models of jeans and get even more beautiful and stylish, stay by within that fashion of jeans, you can buy in malls, virtual stores, bazaars the jeans. Continue reading

Big Legs? Pants and Shoes to Help Your Silhouette!

Big Legs? Pants and Shoes to help your silhouette! -Some pieces of clothing valued more than others, that everyone knows. But, you know, too, that with the ideal parts you can disguise imperfections and improve the attributes? It’s true! The post of today goes to the man who has thick legs. Check out models of pants and shoes that will help your silhouette. Continue reading