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2014 Winter Jackets

In winter it is possible to perfect the visual, dare in looks and perfect using warmer clothes to protect himself from the cold and still make her beautiful, as is the case of blazers, coats and jackets that are a212-055 detail the part visual combination for winter. In this article we will talk about the news of 2014 Winter Jackets, know which options to use and which to set aside at the station. Continue reading

Learn How to Take Care of Your Bags and Shoes

The lovers of fashion trends and accessories, accompanying the changes in trade magazines and attractive window displays, end up surrendering the purchases that crowd the wardrobes. But in addition to the clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry and beauty products, also deserve care to maintain impeccable for casual and formal productions. Check out special tips from designer style Director Mya Haas, Christopher Fukada, and learn how to take care of their acquisitions. Continue reading

Canadian Surprises Fashion World with Their “Suitcases”

The theme “luggage” is serious about style and consumption. The plastic artist Chloe Wise picked up the theme and provoked the fashion world with this job where luxury brands handbags get a new face. They become sandwiches, bagels, muffins, bread-shaped and croissants. Continue reading

Fast Fashion: Dresses for Summer and Baratex Bags!

After all the uproar caused by the launch of the collection of Pat Bo to C & A, we’re back to our regular programming of our findings. But for those who still dream of some kind of designer, you still have time to run to the Mall(here in BH found in BH Shopping) and find some models. Continue reading

Some Tips for Storing Winter Clothes

In the middle of the month of September the sun comes popping up in large part of our days. What makes us think about how to save the winter clothes, as leather, properly.

Even with the days more warm we are living, are not rarities the moments when time gives an upset and cold around the guys. Even with so many changes in temperature, something is fact. Winter is over!

Come heat it is common that we want to keep warm clothes to start enjoying the heat. But are we conserving nossas pieces of wool and leather, típicthe winter, in the best way? Continue reading

The Chesterfield Coat

George Stanhope, the sixth the Baron of Chesterfield, was immortalized by lending your name to a well-known type of Chair and for a jacket, because rumors claim he was the inventor of this piece of clothing still in the mid-19th century. But don’t be fooled by the fancy title, the Chesterfield is one of men’s most common male, besides being very popular in Europe, especially in England, country of Baron. Continue reading