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Le Tutu: Fashion of Women’s Shirts!

Who is addicted to shirt raises his hand … o/o/o/. It’s a serious case, whenever we think of an outfit to wear, whether day or night, the pistol comes to mind! But also, it is no less … the shirt is a timeless, classic and super play, without a doubt, makes women even more elegant. Some of us have real passion and the collect of all shapes, sizes and patterns. Continue reading

Jeans+Bandana: New Way to Wear


Whoever loves the powerful third piece, knows that the bandana does miracles in super basic looks, does not it? This little accessory turns any look, brings the most cool and stylish footprint that was missing. And it has several ways to use and various colors to suit all tastes.

Supre trend of the moment, the bandana will be the summer accessory and in combination with the denim will not have error. Let’s leave here some tips of looks for you to copy, if you are without ideas to wear the bandana. Come on? Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer

For a long time have the choice of lapel stood between the stud narrow and a bit more classic battle. Now more recently, however, begins the range be widened slightly. Although the 80 ‘s wing wide jacket lapels feels completely out of time, gets wider Blazer struck an increasingly common approach. A lapel is forgotten, however, is often away, sjalslaget.

Continue reading

Leather Jeans Is Winter Trend And Is Very Easy To Care For!

Resin jeans are contemporary, stylish, innovative, value your look and are already part of women’s closets. In addition to being beautiful, the resined jeans are very comfortable and lightweight, which favors even more when it comes to choosing, because the piece has the appearance of leather, with the comfort of a legging, and looks good in a wide variety of pieces: trousers , Shorts, jackets and skirts.The Conscience Jeans Collection is very varied and has options for all tastes with different finishes ranging from leather to metallized and with glitter. This winter, red, black and brown will be great bets. Continue reading

Wearing Skinny Pants Can Damage Nerve Fibers of the Feet

If you are one of those who does not resist good skinny pants , beware when you stay too long in a position that will leave the jeans tighter. The alert appears in an article in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry , which revealed that spending too much time crouching when you are wearing tight fitting pants can damage nerve and muscle fibers in your legs and feet – and even prevent the Person can walk. Continue reading