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The Famous Fashion: Tips and Photos

Trend-setters, the famous, after their own fashion designers, are among the main trend of launch customers world fashion. Whenever you want to know what’s hot, and will turn hit of the season, the first thing most women do is open a magazine or take a peek into a website or blog, to give that conferred on the look that such famous is using. After all, it is almost certain that that production is or will become a trend in the future. Continue reading

In Excess,High Heels Can Cause Varicose Veins and Thrombosis

Many women do not live without using the heels. These shoes are gorgeous and leave the more feminine woman we know, but your use must be in moderation. Check out what the jump and your height can cause and look for other models in heels more comfortable.

Footwear with heels decrease the amplitude of foot flexion and extension by restricting the blood pumping performed by the calf.”Just after a few hours with high heels, there will be blood stasis in the venous compartments with your speed reduction and enlargement of the veins in this location”,explains the vascular surgeon of the Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças, Christian Schmitt. Continue reading

Some Tips to Combine the Shoes with All Pants

It may seem silly, but even a wrong choice of a shoe can put an entire production.

For example, it is common to find that the pants, for being a more versatile piece, is simpler to match the shoes, however, are many models and news popping up constantly, increasing the options and your use, so, although it seems, do the right combination is not always that easy.

With that in mind, we decided to lend a hand and show here how to combine the shoe with every kind of pants to the result’s look be more harmonious.

Is super twisted every time you need to combine some pants with a shoe? So, follow these tips and work in productions. Continue reading