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Bernard Favre: Watchwinder Planet Double Axis

The planet double-axis by Bernard Favre can be more than keeping and operating automatic watches. Because the watch winder is an eye-catcher because of its unusual design, which also puts the inserted timepiece into the scene. The watch sits on the planet double-axis on a device, which is clamped in three stainless steel tires. These rings are polished, black or gold-plated depending on the model. Visually, the team, which is mounted on an aluminum base, reminds one atom. Continue reading

This Watch Can Even Inspire Mathematics

A circular slider in the watch of Breitling has done it to our author. In the meantime, there is a model with additional trailing arms. He belongs to the royal class of watchmaking.

G ehr ehrlich: Mathematics has never been one of my favorite subjects.Because of a clock, I still mute mathematics – and voluntarily.I wanted to understand the functioning of a slide slide. Continue reading

Samsung Leaves Android on New Smart Watch Gear 2

Just over five months after the release of the Galaxy Gear smart watch, Samsung announced the arrival of two successors: Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

The Galaxy name was abandoned for one reason: the device no longer has the Android system.Instead of the Google system, Samsung has shipped Tizen, a program developed by the company itself.

Continue reading

Watches for the Home-Decorating Tips

When we are anxiously waiting for something, the  clock  seems to be slowing, and at the same time, when we are doing what we like most, the time is always very fast. I’m fine in this condition, because I’ve waited so long for the moment to review my family and now that I’m here, I watch the last days come to an end. Continue reading