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Women’s Hats

A while ago the fashionable women wore hats to protect the skin from the Sun’s rays, because the white skin was synonymous with royalty women of high society. Over the years the hats were getting forgotten and the Tan on the skin caused by the Sun’s rays became synonymous with beauty and healthy skin, just the greed of men was destroying nature to such an extent that he started to fight back and the damage that the Sun’s rays caus am human skin because of the absence of the ozone layer in many cases is irreparable. Continue reading

Kids Clothing and Accessories {Shopping in NY}

Before you start ironing tips of shopping in NY, I will answer the main question to me several times while I was there; Worth buying in the United States with the dollar high as this?! And I say; Yes, is very worthwhile. It is still advantageous to do baby outfit or even buy clothes for older children. Continue reading