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Colorful Shoes

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models of Colored Shoes

The colorful shoes come to stay with many models of colorful shoes you can buy and stay in fashion that is doing very successful, colorful shoes is the new sensation the female fashion, colorful shoes are very successful with all ages, with pants and shirts colorful shoes make a lot of success, and here you will see where to buy, how to wear and the colorful shoes models, you can buy the colorful shoes in stores of malls, clothes fairs, and virtual stores. Continue reading

See How To Use Summer Dresses In Winter

Not long ago you renewed your wardrobe for the summer, and winter has arrived. That feeling that you need to add other pieces of clothes, doesn’t it? Yes, but the good news is that you can adjust your summer dresses to wear in the coldest season of the year.And I’m not saying you have to take your clothes in a seamstress, but learn the look with pieces that you probably have in your closet. The following tips are some of the tricks of sets for you to enjoy what you have and not be cold during the winter. Continue reading

Shoes 2011:Summer and Winter Trends

If there is one thing that draws the attention of women, it’s called shoes. Women are in love with shoes and that’s why I always want to innovate your wardrobe, your shoes, the thin-billed the platform, jump, anyway, there are so many types and models of shoes that female consumerism always increases, for which women would like to have the fashion shoe? Continue reading

Shoe Of Oncinha – How To Use, Buy, Models

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models of Shoes

The fashion of leotard is now in the clothes, shoes, cell phone cases, nowadays can be fashionable all of leopard, plus the leotard shoe is very successful, with different models, you buy and stay even more beautiful and the best in fashion, here you will learn how to wear the leopard shoe and stay stylish.

Leopard, leopard, tiger, crocodile, zebra, these are the most common models of animal print that we know and are also the most used by modern women and tuned with fashion. Knowing how to use it, the animal print is not an exaggeration, but an additional prop that enhances the look, adding modernity and sensuality. The leopard print has all the sensuality of the feline brought to the wearer, drawing attention directly to the piece in question. It is with this print that many more mature women can lose some years in the appearance, but to obtain this effect they must flee from the snakes and crocodiles, preferring the feline prints.

You can buy the leopard shoes in malls, cliental stores, footwear fairs. With many different models and styles of leopard shoes you can buy , see how you can use the leopard shoe, you do not use another animal print when you wear the shoe. Be careful not to leave the vulgar look by wearing a very high heel with a miniskirt, unless that is the main intention. Maneire in the accessories, after all what will draw attention in the look is the shoe. Want to keep the look feminine. Wear a sneaker with a neutral colored skirt or a skinny pants. It is allowed to use other colors in the shoe, not only the basic beige and brown. Escape from the golden accessories, it is to be sure to ask for a turkey look. If you do not want to overdo production, you may want to keep your basic clothing tones. A basic black dress with a peep toe or leopard scarpin is perfect.

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