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Nokia’s Android Smart Phone

For months, it is already speculation that Nokia is working on an Android Smart phone. Now a Nokia Android Smart phone named X was discovered A110 in a Vietnamese shop, which will be made available only at the price of equivalent of 80 euros available. Thus probably Nokia on an absolute bargain price for the target group in emerging and developing countries, because the cheapest unit from its portfolio fails with 120 euros to beech and runs from the faactory with a copy of Windows phone. Continue reading

10 Apps that Connect the Computer to Your Android Devices

In an age of connectivity, the user has to change for the tablet and smartphone to the computer several times a day, for a myriad of reasons: to contact someone, play games or make changes in Photoshop, for example. There are times when you feel like you want to have more control over a mobile device, everything from your computer. There are applications that can help you transfer control from an Android device to the computer, allowing you to make changes to your phone directly from your PC. Continue reading

Xperia L’s Intermediary with Beautiful Design and Good Camera

Sony Smartphone also brings good battery duration.

With the 2013 line of Xperia devices, Sony has increased the variety of cell phones for sale in Brazil. Some features of the mark, as the whim and design and audio quality, are now in various price ranges. Continue reading

Galaxy Note Points the Way between Smartphones and Tablets

Unit comes with stylus and a giant screen of 5.3 inches

The Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy line, is not a tablet and not a smartphone, but a hybrid of the two that can be very comfortable for those who complain of screens too large or too small. The stylus pen is a little outdated, but can be an ally to artists or to those who do not dispense a manual annotation and want to get rid of the pad. The device costs R $1760 and is available in Brazil. Check out the analysis. Continue reading