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Gant and His Thousands of Colorful Proposals for This Spring/Summer 2010

Gant It is one of those firms that truly worthwhile to spend the money on them. Not only because the quality of their products is unbeatable (their jerseys are the very best I’ve seen in a long time) but because it is also a very elegant brand but but nonetheless falls into the temptation to make your models and assemblies classics and bland, they continually experiment with colors, new collaborations and joint designs. And the result jumps to the eye. Continue reading

Strawberry Shortcake Parades for the First Time at Fashion Weekend

Yesterday (19/03), Strawberry Shortcake brand debuted on the catwalks of Fashion Weekend Kids. The inspiration was the delightful world of Strawberry Shortcake divided into families: peasant girl, Princess, ballerina, beyond the line “Mini Me”, with modern pieces for mothers and daughters. Continue reading

Zax: Brazil Avenue Accessories

Shanell Accessories–The “Booty Call” Of Brazil Avenue

Between the noveleiras on duty there is no one to stop commenting on the striking style and, incidentally, provocative character Zax, Brazil Avenue. The style “booty call” have given that talk, but between the criticisms some people like too. In addition to the tight clothes and colorful Accessories super girl also call to attention. Continue reading

Fashion Female Glasses

Female Sunglasses Summer 2013-Trends

The fashion for the summer as well as influence the clothes, the shoes, the beauty and common accessories, also takes care of the glasses, which not only decorate but also protect our eyes in the bright light of the Sun in the hottest season of the year. Are several trends for all tastes and styles. Continue reading

Hats to Use with Any Look

Do you know how to choose hats to wear with any look? Some hats can be considered wild of the guard of clothes of any woman by that they fall well with diverse looks and occasions. This accessory was once a must have, was long forgotten and now it has come back with everything. It gives personality and a lot of charm to the feminine look. Learn how to use this accessory and how to combine it with several looks. Continue reading

Workshop Teaches Women To Reproduce Vintage Hairstyles

Definitely the hair is an essential part in time to compose a retrolook. Depending on the hair can be identified automatically, time or style used as a reference. However, as women today no longer have the custom of elaborate hairstyles at home, like they used to, this task is not something as simple as that. Even the girls who follow the retro style can feel difficulties in producing a more elaborate hair. It was with that thought that Pedro Rodriguez and Julie Van Wilpe envisioned the workshop Vintage Hairstyles . Continue reading

Tips on How to Wear a Hat at Weddings

Have no doubts when choosing this accessory so charming!

The hat is a very elegant accessory and a great option for daytime weddings, but, in order for it to really be in harmony with the whole context of the celebration, one must take into consideration some criteria to then choose the most suitable model. The material, the model, the color and even the shape of your face can make the accessory match much or nothing with you. Continue reading