Tablet Sales, Ever So Negative Quarterly Results by 2012

Strategy Analytics has published data on the sales performance of the tablet on the market. The results are hardly encouraging, as in the first quarter of the year global sales were $ 46.5 million of units, the 10% less compared to the 51.9 million units for the first quarter of 2015.

This is the worst given by Q3 2012, confirming the market difficulties mostratesi already in the course of the previous quarters. Reflecting the growing interest of 2-in-1 products, Windows is the only brand to grow with a +7% annual scale at the expense of both Android and iOS. 6.2 million tablets are sold, which enabled the Redmond company to get the 13% market share.

“Apple’s iPad sales have declined for nine consecutive quarters because the average consumer does not feel the need to pay a premium for Apple to upgrade to the latest and best models, which is why the iOS market share fell to 22 percent in this quarter,” said analyst Peter King. “And now, sales of Android tablets are dropping in that product without branding opportunities you are consolidating, while sellers with brands struggle to compete on price in a market as crowded.”

The only manufacturer to have gone against the trend was Huawei, capable of recording a sales increase of 66% getting 4.5% market share. The success of the Chinese company would be linked to its presence in emerging markets, and especially the ability to sell products 2-in-1.

Conversely, Apple has sold 10.3 million ipads, obtaining a market share equal to 22% but recording a decrease of 19% compared to the same period last year. The 30 million tablets are sold under the operating system Android, nearly 6 million less (-16%) than in 2015. You think the Android market share collapsed up to 65%.