Tablecloths Models and Prices

The tablecloths are used for centuries to make decorated environment and protected table as it is on the table that the foods are placed to be tasted, but most of the time always fall solid or liquid foods on the table and the role of the towel is protect m ESA of these foods.But the towels must be of good quality, because some foods are difficult to be taken from the tissues leaving stains on the towel, but these are the towels to base themselves on the table and being placed on the towel.There are towels of various materials, but the best known are those of fabric, plastic and paper and can be used in various occasions, will depend on the taste of each one.

Towel in Decorating

As I said earlier there are several types of tablecloths, but the towels used for decoration are more delicate towels made of fabric such as linen, satin, lace and hand-made towels, handmade crochet or as made by artisans in B ahia which are very famous, towels with lace of ban. In order these towels are suitable for decoration and look great on the porch or tables in round tables which are used as decorative object to use as a base for a chandelier. The tablecloths can be of different colors to match the décor and in various formats such as round, square, triangular irrespective of the format of the table cloth she always will leave the perfect environment and full of grace.

Models and Prices

Check out some models and prices of tablecloths and choose the template that most meets their needs and the price is within your budget.

Rectangular tablecloth Karsten

Size 1.10 x 2.40 m

Price: 34.90

Raner Rectangular tablecloth

Size: 2.15 x 1.45 m

Price: R $27.76

Tablecloth Karsten Lilith

Size: 1.40 x 2.50 m

Price: R$48,90

Tablecloth Karsten Alyssa

Size: 1.40 x 1.40

Price: R $27.90

Practice Line Ivory tablecloth

Size: 1.60 x 2.70

Price: R $99.00

Tablecloth Kayumara Pepper

Size: 1.60 x 2.20

Price: R$42,65

According to necessaryhome, these tablecloths you find in the Rocket through the official website these values are subject to change, for more information just access official website and still count with the best conditions of payment. Take the opportunity to choose the model of tablecloth that best matches your table and let the more sophisticated environment.

Important Tip

Remember to use a tablecloth for the dinner or lunch ennobles and aesthetics the table, because each brand has its special qualities suited to different times and styles that can be more formal or more modern and thus makes the choice indicated c onforme the need Specifies environment decoration. Let your most lively and modern meals using tablecloths every meal. The textile market today covers the various needs of consumers and one of the most sought-after categories are the tablecloths with qualified brands that have always in view of meeting the needs of your target audience and presents different styles and sizes of towels table and with various motifs and fabrics to meet the specific tastes and demands of its customers.

To Conclude:

The tablecloth offers refinement, elegance and sophistication your meals, enjoy to impress your family and your guests using a different table at every meal.