Sunglasses 2012

Sunglasses Trends 2012 – Attention is everything!

So summer is about to happen.There is often the question, whether the sunglasses of the last year is still portable!?To answer this question, we’ve looked around for you for the summer sunglasses for summer 2012 and will now give you a brief update.

For stars like Katy Perry or Rihanna, the first sunglass has already made its mark. As you can see, this is a very unusual and eye-catching spectacle model, namely the Cat Eye glasses. Characteristically, of course, the large glasses, which are similar to cat eyes swung. With these glasses, you definitely get a special “eye-catcher”, with which the eyes of the others are safe.

With our second trend model, you can not do anything wrong, because it fits almost every facial shape and has now been in the trend for a long time. They are, of course, the popular pilots’ glasses. Men at this point watched:Pilotenbrillen also underline the masculine facial features very well and therefore I would almost assert, this is the das

model for you. But the ladies’ world is also a big selection in the field of pilots. Especially colorful are these glasses this summer. There are the most diverse variants from pink, over green to blue.

Just like the pilot’s glasses, the round glasses are already the second season in the trend.However, you must make sure that it matches your face shape with round glasses.A little look at this model have women with a round face, as the round glasses supports this facial form still.The big advantage is no doubt the huge selection that comes with the round glasses.Large glasses, small glasses, monochrome or multicolored frames, colored glasses or normal tinted … You see, you are spoiled for choice.So just try it out.

Now you have the necessary information about the sunglasses.As the weather will not be so special in the coming days, this is the perfect opportunity to go through the big shopping malls of your city and simply test the glasses yourself.After all, nothing is going to try out the latest trends together with a girlfriend and see what you stand for or what you should leave your fingers on.We wish you a lot of fun with your new sunglasses.