Suggestions La Redoute: Sports Trend

The sports trend doesn’t seem to want to get out of the picture, but it’s important that you know how to use it without looking like you go to practice. Discover the parts of La Redoute that we have selected.

The sports trend is here to stay, not only because sports is really into fashion, but also because the comfort is, increasingly, a pillar of the sets. The passereles to the street style, sneakers, baggy pants and sweatshirts earn increasingly highlight and help us to create looks so modern, trendy and cool to bring sneakers to work is no longer a problem.
To help you insert in your closet a few pieces more comfy, but always maintaining the trendy side, we made a list of our favorite parts of La Redoute. Meet them, choose the ones you like and be sure to join the most comfortable winter trend.

The sports trend and key parts of the La Redoute

Pants & Dresses

Sweatpants with modern cuts and the eternal side stripes with details and sporty-inspired fabrics. The sports trend calls for both and so do we. When combined with oversize shirts taking our looks at the style with esponente trend rider to win a sport with elegance. We love these, €63.45 .

Another aspect of the sports style is brought by urban and very comfortable. Present in stores for two winters, the dresses of lã earn more and more followers. Are practical, warm and bring all the comforts that we need to spend the day at the Office or for a walk on a cold day. This, La Redoute, is of high collar and is available in gray or black. Is €41.99. With this dress, it can lead to a tendency to sport a different level, more chic and totally modern.
Much like the dress pants combine with sneakers, boots, shoes or heel shoes oxford. The choice is your and your style should always come up.

Sweatshirts and jackets

Sweatshirts or poles are the pieces that come immediately to mind, when we talk in sporty style. But there are parts which, either by the Court as the details, they bring the sporting spirit that both want.

The La Redoute, comparison, of course, a sweatshirt and a polo. The first, €36, is a comfortable and play with the color perdileta of winter, the bordeaux. Goes well with jeans, sneakers, sports influence or salts. The polo is a classic, white and Navy Blue striped, perfect for the weekend and left directly from the tennis courts. For those who like less obvious parts, we bring you the much trendy bomber jacket, €79.99, finished with fluted bar tricolor at the neckline, cuffs and bottom. There’s nothing more sporty, right?


Is the footwear that is easier to adhere to tendêcia. Classical models, as Stan Smith, Super Star (Adidas) or All Star (Converse) are most viewed, but other brands I’ve created sporty influence footwear that is perfect for use on several occasions.

At La Redoute can find the well-known brands, but our choices are some shoes from the Le Coq Sportif and some of the New Balance. The first are the €71.99 and €118.15Mondays. Both will be perfect to wear with jeans or culottes, but also with skirts or dresses. Remember that now anything goes when it comes to shoes.

The sports trend has everything you can want: is modern, comfortable and allows us to be very creative. Yes, we already fill our shopping cart at Whicheverhealth.