Stylehäppchen Celebrates Birthday with Sparkling Jewelry

It twinkles, it sparkles. My eyes open wide. Awakened in me a feeling of have volition at the sight of the jewels of Sparkling Jewelry.

Ann Palm buys the individual parts in America and manufactures the designer pieces in Swiss handmade. The body chains on snapshots of celebrity women such as Rihanna, Candice Swanepoel and co. fell of the jewelry designer. These stars are already big fans of body chains. The chains are worn over a bikini to a real eye-catcher. No similar trinkets in Switzerland could be found despite intensive search. So she decided to

make herself a body chain. Before she could go ahead with this plan into action, girlfriends had given up already first orders with her. Thus, sparkling jewelry was founded.

For the jewelry collection of sparkling jewelry, Ann was inspired by the lightness of hippy Ibiza. Colored stones and fine chains should convey femininity and pleasure. Ann manufactures the delicate pieces of jewelry such as hand chains, necklaces and the latest trend – the body chains – with hand selected gemstones and semi-precious stones. Used chains made of 925 sterling silver and 14-karätigem “gold filled”-material. The “gold filled” material is manufactured in a process Government-protected in the United States and is approximately 100 times thicker than conventional gilts. As a result, the jewel of between five and twenty years retains its golden color.

As I look around me but equal times in her Web shop. There’s the charming necklace Lucrezia includes Amethyst stalactite with the gold-plated pendant made from 24-carat gold, the one envisaged a . Or the sexy part Heart Chakra – Body Chain. Which would you choose, if you one of them could choose?

Gift no. 4

Ann Palm of Sparkling Jewelry gives the winner a piece of jewellery of your choice from their Web store. Wow, or? For this you only tell which piece of jewelry from her Web shop, you want to have…

To the raffle:

You can get involved by you here write down below this post with a valid email address in the comment, what piece of jewellery from sparkling jewelry like you want. In addition you have to with these terms agree.

The raffle will run until 24 August 2014 until 23:59. Then, I wish you have good luck. The winner is contacted with the random number generator pulled and directly by email and announced in addition here at Our site.

Good luck in the draw!