Special Cuts Men’s Underwear

Offer men’s underwear is really wide and each day is adding a new cut that will not be known. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of special cuts of men’s underwear.

Dictionary of men’s underwear, we have already created aparentingblog. They are described therein classic cuts underwear, but manufacturers are still going in the manufacture of lingerie in front, thus creating new and new cuts that have special shapes and possibilities.

Although it seems impossible still are some news in men’s underwear. These innovations created by combining classic styles.

Does that seem strange?

It is quite logical that this is not forever come up with new cuts of men’s underwear and so designers are taking inspiration from old patterns. This connection then arise, for example, tango-briefs or boxers-jocks.   Let’s get these special cuts of men’s underwear to describe.


As the name suggests, this combination of underwear briefs and thong. It is a great combination of two very favorite styles. The actual briefs rather prefer men were founded on the classics.


Tango-briefs are not vulgar underwear styles. Tango-briefs have the same appearance as the front and back of the briefs, only the hips are different. The sides are only gums, no substance, as is the case with traditional tang. Therefore, this cut appoints tango-briefs.


Tango-linen shorts are suitable for almost any occasion. As they have revealed background, do not worry outrage and undress you can safely anywhere, anytime. Tango-colored slips are often very colorful. They are ideal for hot and cold days. Sports and casual wear.


Men’s thongs are hot topic for both women and men themselves. Some who have tried their great qualities, they are regular customers and others by spreading the cut itself only gossip. If you have not tried this cut, it is good to read before buying a men’s tangách some good information. The same is true for the not so widespread jockstrap or if Jocks. The combination of these two styles is a real zest of men’s undergarments when both cuts are very provocative and sexy in themselves, let alone when you join.


Jocks are similar to their briefs or boxers short. Its uniqueness is that the rear part is completely free of substances and holds only on circumferential erasers. This basic editing Jocks is supplemented cord that runs between the halves.


Tango-jocks are suitable for warm summer days, hot party or an intimate evening. This classic underwear obvzláštní opportunities. Their use can also be found as a sporting activity. It is a very seductive and sexy lingerie.


This cut is very unique and also gaining rapid popularity. Jocks-shorts combine the most desirable heterosexuals underwear (boxers) and homosexuals (Jocks). That is their sheer originality. This cut can be purchased in various lengths and designs.


Front is a classic boxer and rear waits revealed background typical for Jocks.


Jocks-boxers are suitable for casual and sports activities during the cold and warm weather. They are very comfortable and very original. Periodically, we will inform you about other news from the world of men’s underwear. Original and modern underwear imported mainly from the USA can be found here.