Sony Smartwatch SW2 Tried

After we had the Galaxy Gear from Samsung and also one of the Simvalley Smartwatches from PEARL, I have privately added the Smartwatch SW2 from Sony. After almost a month, I would like to draw a first conclusion, whether this smart data clock could convince completely or not. I have given myself the black model with metal bracelet, whereby I would have to shorten the bracelet, but it still has not done so, and therefore, for the time being exchanged.

The concept of data clocks from Sony has been the same for years, because the devices are intended as an extension for the smartphone. So it is also with the Smartwatch SW2. Technically this is a special feature because it has a transflective display. This permanently indicates the time, even without background lighting. As with a normal clock, however, there must be enough ambient light, because this is reflected by the display, in order to realize the display without its own lighting. So you can use the Smartwatch SW2 as a normal watch, because the power consumption goes almost zero against this display.


The housing of the Smartwatch SW2 is completely made of aluminum, but the clock weighs almost nothing. It is feather-light in combination with a leather bracelet, quite different from the watches we have tested so far. Since the display is quite small with 1.6 inches, the whole case of the watch remains quite compact. The optical design is very discreet with the black case and the silver frame. Unfortunately, I am disturbed by the buttons on the front, as they are permanently visible, which looks a little sexy.

Otherwise the processing is very solid, I have no reason to complain. The design is as always taste, I find it ultimately altogether quite well, if as the capacitive buttons were not.

An advantage over some other watches is that you can easily change the bracelet. I find it very important for individualization, because I personally consider the watch rather as a piece of jewelry.

The power button on the side is very noticeable by its design, but has a not so good pressure point, which in the long run is somewhat annoying. The button feels very soft, so it could be slightly crisp.


The smartwatch SW2 can not really compete with the competition because of the built-in functions, because the clock can neither be telephoned nor photographed. The modules are missing, so the clock does not have a loudspeaker. But I do not find it bad, because I really only want to read notifications, which works with the Smartwatch SW2 excellently. In addition to the few extensions provided by Sony (Gmail, calendar, etc.), apps such as Watchnotifier can also push all notifications from the smartphone to the clock. In the process, the message lights up briefly on the display and the clock vibrates.

The scenario we already know from the Galaxy Gear. Only disturbing me with the Sony device that I can not open apps from the clock directly on the smartphone. For the Galaxy Gear, for example, I can read a notification from WhatsApp and have a button directly open the app on the smartphone. Is not a broken leg, but I’m missing anyway. Otherwise, the clock is just as good as one expands it as a user.

Software & Operation

As I said before, one has to expand the Smartwatch SW2 by means of various apps, which one finds in the Google Play Store massive now. My problem, however, is that many apps are somehow so nerdig, so the setup is often complicated and the respective range of functions does not quite correspond to my ideas. Personally, for example, I am missing a full-fledged navigation solution, which pushes me with arrows, etc. corresponding to my running/running route to the clock.

The software of the clock itself is quite comfortable to use. There is a Homescreen with all installed apps and a small setup menu. Everything is not a big deal, so I find it really quite okay. The operation is slightly surprising similar to Android smartphones. But, I have to say that the surface of the Galaxy Gear was a bit more appealing to me.

With the software for the connected Android smartphone you install only the apps, with which the clock is to be extended. The configuration of the watch interfaces etc. is completely done in the settings of the clock itself.

Display, Battery And So On

Beside the software, which does not pull me from the stool, there are of course still important elements like the display and also the battery. The display does not solve with 220 x 176 pixels not particularly high, it does not offer the best representation of the colors and is unfortunately not razor sharp. As already mentioned, I again find the transflective technology quite good, because a Smartwatch should be like a normal clock always or permanently the time can display without the first I have to press the Powertaste. The input via touch responds very well and quickly.

In the capacity of the battery I was quite surprised. Although I am not 24 hours a day on the road, but (depending on the use) with the part about a working week (5 days), when I connected the device daily about 4 – 7 hours via Bluetooth. Despite not more current Bluetooth 3.0 seems the largest consumer probably the display to be, if it is active. Definitely, I can say that the Smartwatch SW2 significantly longer than the Galaxy Gear with a charge is coming.

As Sony indicates, the Smartwatch SW2 is protected from water, but I have not tried. Even a short dive should not be a problem, but I do not really dare. Quite pleasant I then still find the solution for charging, because here you just plug a microUSB cable into the clock. So it does not need a ladle or other similar utensils, which you leave before vacation gladly at home.


So right from the stool could not hit me so far, no smartwatch, because any disadvantages had so far every device. Also with the Sony Smartwatch SW2 is so. While I was looking forward to a rich offer of good apps and extensions, the disillusionment is great when you have actually tried various apps. Usually these are not really comfortable, not very advanced in the development, so I often prefer the uninstallation again.

On the other hand, the clock can be permanently displayed time and date, without having to bother about two hours on a flat battery. In addition, the watch is springy, has a very discreet overall, is very compact, has a good recharge time and I can customize it by the exchangeable bracelet at any time.