Sony Claims: From 2017 Are Smartphones Standard Dual Cameras

The dual camera technology from Sony could only come after the iPhone 7: in previous rumors was the talk of that plus there at least a variant of the iPhone 7, which will be equipped with two camera modules on the back. But perhaps at least Sony will provide none of the components for this, even if the Japanese group of technology predicts a great future.

Sony Claims From 2017 Are Smartphones Standard Dual Cameras

In the report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2015, Sony predicts that the dual camera technology from 2017 in smart phones of the major manufacturers to find will be, as the XperiaBlog reported. This could also mean that Sony equips the iPhone 7 with a dual camera in 2016 – and assumes that many large manufacturers in the coming year also use this technology in their top smartphones.

Apple Could Use Its Own Technology

Should verify the prediction by Sony, this could mean that the iPhone 7 will have still not two lenses, but in the coming year, a whole series of smartphones will be equipped with dual cameras. However, it would be also possible that Apple uses its own technology: A recently unearthed patent already describes a similar camera system with two lenses.

A Smartphone camera with two sensors and lenses of different focal length – for example, with a zoom and a wide-angle lens – could be used more flexibly for close-up, Panorama or portrait photos. Current Smartphones have mostly only the possibility of zooming images with pinch and zoom, which means a reduction of the resolution but ultimately.